Lands’ End 10-Wale Corduroys

My fall wish list consisted of green cords and I was dead set on getting a pair. I ended up opting for a pair of LE Tailored Fit wide-wale cords which is actually one of the pairs that I previewed (green corduroys). To my disappointment they did not work out. They were just a bit too wide (pardon the pun) not in the wale, but in the leg. Luckily I had ordered another pair of not green, but of the umber LE Tailored Fit 10-wale cords.

The 10-wale corduroy trousers are great. The leg width is almost a ½” skinnier than the wide wale pair, which is great since a size 30 waist is already pushing it for me. They will need to see the tailor to get the extra fabric taken in around the waist, but I am very impressed with the width of the pant. In fact, they are very, very close to the width of my classic fit J.Crew Cords which area size 29” waist. I have heard that the fit of LE trousers varies widely and when you find a pair/style that fits you should double, or even better triple up while the getting is good. After this experience, I believe it.

The umber color isn’t the green that I wanted, but it is versatile. So far I have paired these trousers with tan, blue, green, and burgundy sweaters and they have all worked really well. The only issue I have with the umber color is that in certain lights and next to certain colors it can take on more of a gold and less of a brown tone. I am hoping that after a little more wear that the gold tone will fade a bit.

All in all, these are really nice trousers. The 10-wale is was not noticeably thinner than the wide-wale, but it is definitely much warmer than the fine-wale trousers that I own. Umber is not as festive as green, but it is probably more practical and the colder it gets the more I find myself picking them out of the closet. I was going to pick up a pair in burgundy before I published this post, but it looks like I have already missed out. I should have taken my own advice and doubled up as soon as I knew that they fit, live and learn.

*This is my first venture in purchasing pant from LE. While I am ordinarily a 29” inseam I required a 28” inseam from LE. I hope that this helps.

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4 Comments on "Lands’ End 10-Wale Corduroys"

  1. I’ve got a couple of pairs of LE dress cords (fir green and claret) on the way that were almost 50% off after Christmas. Can’t wait!

    Best Regards,

    Heinz-Ulrich von B.

  2. Steve E says:

    You look great in those trousers. Too “goldish” for me.

  3. I bought a pair of he wide wale fir green cords to wear for Christmas and was VERY pleased with them. After I received them, I went back online to order them in tan – or something close to that, but they were sold out. It was a live and learn experience for me too, but like you, this was the first time I ordered pants from then online so i wanted to be sure of the fit. Now i know.

  4. oxford cloth button down says:

    Paul – Thanks! They are from Rugby, Rugby, Brooks Brothers and J.Crew.

    Steve E – Thanks. I think they are a bit gold, too, but I have still got some good use out of them.

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