Spring Sniffles

Spring is in full effect here in Ohio. Plants are poisoning the air with their pollen, there are 40 degree swings in temperatures, and I am suffering from cold. All joking aside, I do enjoy spring, but my cold has made things such as writing this week’s blog post a challenge. Lucky for me my Patagonia Snap-T has stepped up to the challenge of making me feel comfortable in a time of discomfort.
008You may have heard people say something to the effect of, “A Shetland sweater is a trad’s sweatshirt.” I am not going to dispute this as it holds true for the most part, but sometimes even trads need something even more comfortable than a Shetland (like when you are laying on your couch sick). This is where my Patagonia Snap-T fleece comes into play. It is warm and soft, but offers an advantage over something like a cream colored sweatshirt (see here), because it can provide more shelter from the wind and rain than a typical sweatshirt. It also has a cool late 70s prep vibe to it.

I am wearing my Snap-T as I write this blog, but I don’t only wear when not feeling well. Snap-T’s come in handy for any outdoor activity or even for just signalling that you are truly dressed down. For example, I have worn mine over an OCBD on a casual Friday where it was well received. These are just a few reasons that this versatile piece of active wear has found a home in the trad cannon.

oxford cloth button down
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7 Comments on "Spring Sniffles"

  1. Jim Haselton says:

    Agreed. The snap-T fleece also goes well with my favorite trad, but not preppie, shorts from Patagonia, the Stand Up shorts.

  2. Uncle George says:

    Linden tea. Any brand will do. Highly recommended.

  3. Tweeds says:

    Jerrod, plenty of liquids and rest.

  4. Lennart says:

    Agree, tea, water and rest, that will do the trick. Blessings for your soon recover.

    Love the color of the fleece, I have no fleece at the moment myself but this one looks really nice.

  5. Addison DeWitt says:

    I have three Snap T’s. I bought the oldest in DC around 1988 and it is still my favorite. It is deep purple with green and orange trim around the collar. It is a much heavier fleece than Patagonia uses now. It is so incredibly durable, I will likely pass it down to my son. I where ii all the time. The second is 20+ years old and i got it because the first could fully accommodate my weight gain (I managed to fix that problem about 8 years ago). It red with black trim. The fleece is not so heavy but it is still durable. The last one is about four years old and is black. The fleece is much lighter still and has a different feel. There is a problem with this newer model. We have a white dog that sheds and the dog hair is very difficult to get off of the new fleece. Thus, I can’t where the new one around the house, only if I am away. The older fleeces don’t have this problem.

    No advice for the cold other than to hang in there. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

  6. Morris says:

    I own that piece teal and my wife absolutely hates it.

    I’m not sure why Patagonia is viewed as trad.

    The founder and owner of Patagonia – Yvon Chuinard – is against everything that trad stands for.

  7. Andy Wagon says:

    To be honest I’m not crazy about the fleece, the label and contrast bits aren’t my cup of tea. However, If you are susceptible to colds try taking Echinacea which you can find in healthfood shops, the liquid form is best. The good stuff isn’t cheap, but it works for me as I only tend to have one cold a year at the most, sometimes none at all. Also I seem to recover from them more quickly. I’ve been using it 3or 4 days a week for years.

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