1965 Ohio State University Yearbook

Now that I am living in Columbus I thought that it was the perfect time to dig into some of OSU’s old yearbooks. I decided to start with 1965 for no particular reason although Teruyoshi Hayashida’s Take Ivy was written that year, but I won’t pretend that is why chose it. I was just pretty sure that it would have some cool pics and I don’t think that I was wrong.

Maybe you will find some vintage inspiration in the pictures below or even a gentle reminder of things not to do (like wear black shoes!). I myself was reminded that getting haircuts is always cool, to have more fun, and to always wear sunglasses when possible. I was also left reminiscing on student life and all the good parts of college days. Lots more OSU yearbooks to go through tuned!

1965 OSU Student Protesters

OSU Student 1965 Ivy League StyleOSU Student 1965 Ivy League StyleIMG_40221965 Skateboarding OSUIMG_4002OSU Ivy League Style Student IMG_4012IMG_4011IMG_4007IMG_4004IMG_4009IMG_4001IMG_4005IMG_4020

oxford cloth button down
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6 Comments on "1965 Ohio State University Yearbook"

  1. Grey Flannels says:

    Now that I’ve grown up, I wear black shoes with charcoal trousers. It’s very liberating not having to stick to cordovan.

  2. Woofboxer says:

    I have got black shoes of course, but when I wear them I always find myself wishing I’d worn something more interesting.

  3. Paper Clip says:

    It is amazing all the tie and jacket wearing. It is incomprehensible to a child of the 80s!

  4. mhj says:

    What a difference from when I entered Ohio State in 1969.

  5. Steve L. says:

    One thing that looks a whole lot better these days: eyeglasses!

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