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Spring is right around the corner and while it is hard to imagine today you will be reaching for a pair of shorts before you know it. If you are anything like me you have already started to assess your spring clothing needs. If this list contains a pair of shorts I wanted to be sure to get this post out in time for it to be helpful.

When it comes to shorts the leg opening is key. Of course I learned this the hard way. I have a few pair of shorts, but I kept leaning towards one pair even though they were a bit big in the waist. I even liked them better than a pair of old work chinos that I modified into shorts. I was at a loss as to why.

Polo in Casual Setting

It didn’t hit until I was at the mall trying on pair after pair of shorts. I remember putting on a pair and thinking, I hate the way that these fit. Why are the legs so narrow? Boom. I had figured it out.

Not only did I dislike the silhouette of the skinny shorts, but they weren’t comfortable either. If I am going to be slumming around in shorts I at least want them to comfortable and for them to help keep me cool. This is exactly what my wider legged shorts accomplished. Oh, and I think that they look better too.

When it comes to finding these shorts don’t over complicate it. While I like J.Crew 1040 chinos I stay away from their short offerings for this very reason. My favorite pair of shorts are from Chaps, I also picked up a pair of Ralph Lauren shorts at TJ Maxx for cheap, and my Patagonia shorts work out just fine.

oxford cloth button down
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7 Comments on "Trad Shorts"

  1. Old Trad says:

    What’s your suggestion as to the ideal leg-opening (in inches or cm.)?

  2. Old School says:

    May I second Old Trad’s request?

  3. oxford cloth button down says:

    Old Trad & Old School – I think that the ideal leg opening will depend a lot on the size of your thigh, but I will measure my favorite pair this evening.

  4. oxford cloth button down says:

    I measured at lunch. The shorts that I like to wear are between 10.5″-12″.

  5. FJW says:

    Isn’t funny/odd that we can find the Tradiest of clothes at a very Un-Trad store?

    Ralph Lauren at T J Maxx

  6. Gary says:

    I’ll wear shorts on the beach. On the city streets? Never.

  7. Paper Clip says:

    Once my Bills khakis are too shabby for work wear, I cut them into shorts at the same length in your picture – a couple inches above the knee. No short-shorts for me. I agree a generous leg opening is key to comfort. Also, by the time they get to shorts, the Bills are very soft, yet still sturdy.

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