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Since I’ve been away for a while I figured that I’d share a few of my current takes on clothes. Like the rest of the world I have relaxed a bit over the last 3 years which is probably just a face saving way to say that I’ve dropped my standards, flip-flopped on opinions, and so on. I’m only half joking, but with WFH, a baby, and the new normal it makes sense that I am more casual in my approach to clothes. In other instances I’ve kept my not so trad looks off the blog. This go around I am going to try a more holistic approach.

  • Untucked shirts: I used to, then I didn’t, and now I do again…but not all the time. Untucked shirts can look good. They can look bad. It’s all about proportion and silhouette. FYI, It’s easier to pull off with shorts than pants.

  • I like short-sleeve madras popovers. I don’t like popover OCBDs on myself. I think they make me look like I’m in old timey pajamas. I don’t love short-sleeve button-front shirts. Something about them feels very boy-ish. See the first sentence.
JPress Madras Popover

  • Camp mocs/Blucher mocs are my new penny loafers. As I have mentioned I am not in an office setting any longer. Penny loafers now feel just a little too formal most days. I still wear them, but day-to-day I wear my blucher mocs when it’s cold and camp mocs when it’s not. When I am indoors in my office it’s moccasins. There are no shoes in the house.
Camp Mocs & Blazer

  • Sneakers are my new camp mocs. The sneakers are either a made in USA grey New Balance 990 series (very trad in my book) or a 80s/90s retro runner. There are a couple reasons why I sneaker more these days. The first is that I walk a lot. I live in a walking neighborhood (I rarely drive) so between between after-dinner walks, stroller walks, trips to the grocery, or meandering down to the park I easily put in 2-5 miles on a weekday and double that on the weekend. The second reason is that I like sneakers. It’s just that simple.

  • It’s ok to wear a t-shirt. Say it with me, it’s ok to wear a t-shirt. You are smart people you can figure it out when they are appropriate. Don’t wear one out to a nice restaurant, but maybe do wear one to the park.

  • Don’t worry, I still like the hardcore trad look.

oxford cloth button down
Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

6 Comments on "My Current Stance"

  1. Joe says:

    Welcome back, and glad you’ve found ways to let loose a little bit 🙂

    What chinos are you wearing in the pics?
    I know you’ve conducted many journeys into the best ones over the years, so I’m very curious what you are sporting now.

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      Thanks, Joe! In the first picture I am wearing JCrew 770 fit (all cotton). These are my go to for casual wear. In the other pics I am wearing JCrew 1040 fit (all cotton). These are my go to khakis for work and when I want to tuck my shirt in.

  2. Eric says:

    Welcome back! Glad to see you’re back in business

  3. Roger Russell says:

    Granted I am older than you . I am a 55 year old History teacher with two sons in college. I would not be caught dead with an untucked shirt and I wear neckties five days a week.

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing an untucked shirt in the office, but unfortunately they permanently closed my office during Covid. Jealous that you have a place to go and wear ties! I have zero issues with wearing untucked shirts after hours and on the weekend, but as they say it takes all kinds.

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