A Couple of Leads

If you’ve been into this trad/ivy thing for a while you already know most of the shops. One of the reasons that I stopped blogging (the first time, lol) is that I felt like I was mostly just saying go to JPress or O’Connell’s. Nothing wrong with that, but it seemed to me that I was not adding a lot to the conversation. I will try to add something new in this post.

If you are looking for a Made in USA Brooks Brothers OCBD for the low checkout my guy Steve Smith’s eBay store he has got them for cheap. He’s been around the scene since the Ask Andy Trad days selling slightly flawed (and some not flawed) shirts from the North Carolina factory. He still has a great inventory to this day. Prices range from around $48-78 dollars for a BB OCBD. This is a great place to a get a great shirt. It’s especially nice for those that are on a budget, but still want all the bells and whistles.

Next up is a vintage spot. I don’t shop vintage all that often, but I do hit up the Placid Vintage Etsy shop. I’ve primarily purchased ties here, but there are lots of goodies to be had and the prices are fair which is rare in a curated vintage shop. Bradley has a great selection of shirts and sport coats. There are even a few things that I have my eye on right now.

Hopefully one of these places is new to you. Apologies in advance if I blew up any ones secret spot. That was not my intent, but I don’t want to gatekeep the goods. If you have a lead on a shop that you’d like to share we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

8 Comments on "A Couple of Leads"

  1. Tie clip says:

    Hi Jerrod, I’m familiar with SmSmith but not the Etsy store. I think that everyone in the Ivy/Trad community has found SmSmith whilst looking for a good OCBD on eBay, it’s hard not to. So it’s already somewhat blown up.
    That Etsy store is like a Trad dream, some really great pieces on there. Your definitely carry the torch for Ivy/Trad with these helpful posts.
    Much appreciated 🙂

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      Tie Clip, Great point about Steve’s OCBD shop, glad you like Bradley’s Etsy shop, and thank you for saying that!

  2. Michael Powell says:

    I’ve purchased maybe half a dozen Brooks OCBDs from Steve’s Ebay store; factory second shirts with mill flaws which are invisible from more than about 8 inches away. You’re getting a new hundred+ dollars shirt for half price. Can’t beat that with a stick.

  3. Walter Denton says:

    Thanks for the Steve Smith reminder. I didn’t realize he was still selling since the Garland factory closed. Thanks also for the Etsy lead. Glad to see your blog is back.

  4. Steve Smith says:

    Hey buddy, I really appreciate the mention. I have a love for this type of clothing, and the Trad/Ivy community is definitely my tribe. Thanks.

  5. Nevada says:

    It’s great to see your blog up and running again. (Probably old news to some readers, I know.)
    I’ll enthusiastically vouch for Placid Vintage on Etsy. I’ve found several sport coats and other great stuff there over the past few years. Bradley has an exceptional eye for Ivy and a real gift for customer service. Can’t go wrong. I look forward to checking out the other recommendations you mention here, as well. Thanks for bringing the site back online — it’s long been a terrific resource for me, not to mention an engaging personal chronicle of your own style. Cheers!

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