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Hits of the Summer


Summer is on its way out. It will be sad when we have to say goodbye to seersucker and shorts, but exciting to say hello to corduroy and tweed. In anticipation of the upcoming season I thought that I would take a moment to reflect on my favorite items from this summer.

Sperry Camp Mocs

1. Sperry Mocs (see original post)- Far and away these were the best purchase of the summer. I wore them 99% of the time. The fit was perfect. They are extremely comfortable. The only downsides are that the shape could be improved and the branding on the mid-sole could be removed. All in all an awesome moc.
White Sweatshirt in Summer

2. White Sweatshirt – My first white sweatshirt was far too heavy for the coolest summer evenings. My second attempt was a cobble-cloth-ish sweatshirt from Brooks Brothers Red Fleece line. It was the perfect weight and the cobble-cloth like finish differentiated from the typical sweatshirt. While my Sperry Mocs were my favorite item of the summer this sweatshirt was the people’s favorite. I cannot recall a time that I wore it and did not receive a compliment.

3. Lightweight Green Chinos – Last, but most certainly not least are a pair of lightweight chinos in oxford cloth from J.Crew (770 fit). These green trousers have already received some attention in my “On the Green” post, but they deserved another round of applause. It is not that often that my trad clothes are on-trend, but these pants helped to get me there and for that I am grateful.

Well there you have it. These three items were my most worn and most liked of the summer. What was your best purchase of the summer, this summer or any summer?


Golfing Again

Golf Shoe Search

This will be my 3rd year trying to learn how to play golf. I slowed down a bit last summer as my discouragement outweighed my progress, but this year I am moving in the right direction again. For any reader that is considering getting in the game I wanted to share a couple cool posts from the Red Clay Soul blog. This guy knows a thing or two about golf and that includes how to get equipment on the cheap.

Scotty Cameron Before & After: Putnam Putting
I’ve done a few Scotty Cameron putters in the past, and have been very pleased with the results.  I like restoring a putter, rather than buying one off the rack (for a premium).  It gives me the opportunity to make the putter mine, and mine alone. Remember the one I found at Goodwill?  And the… Read more

Refurbished Footjoys – Follow Up
In a follow up to the ‘Footjoys – In need of a retread‘ post, here are the results. I couldn’t be more pleased – Footjoy recognized that the warranty did apply to these shoes, and completed the work at a $0 cost. The shoes were totally rebuilt. What happened during the process what that Footjoy… Read more

While golf is challenging it is also rewarding. It can also be very frustrating, but this year I am doing my best to minimize that frustration by remembering that the reward is playing the game not the score. It will take everything I have in me to get there, but I will do my best.
Casual Golf



Memorial Day = Madras

Memorial Day

Who doesn’t love Memorial Day? It has all of the ingredients that trads love. It’s a patriotic holiday that gives us the chance to spend time with family & friends, breakout the grill, and remember all of those who have died while serving in our military. It also marks the official foray into Madras season.
madrasI will be spending my weekend on my porch. I am running a little late this year due to cool temps and my porch is pretty bare. I don’t vacation too often so I do my best to create my own tropical island. I will spend hours out there reading, lounging, and napping, but first I will spend hours cleaning, planning, and planting.
K-SWISS-REVIVES-THE-OG-SURF-N-TURF4-700x957I will also be taking stock of my summer gear this weekend. I have already noticed that I need a new white polo. I am also thinking of grabbing a forest green polo to mix it up. White canvas sneakers are a perennial favorite and I saw that K-Swiss has brought back their Surf-n-Turf which I will call the Tretorn of my generation. I might have to give these a go. With sales galore this is a good time to make those summer moves!

I hope that you all have a great Memorial Day weekend. Now get out there and enjoy it!

Mother’s Day with Muffy

Mothers day

Happy Mother’s day to all you moms out there. If you your sons are reading this blog you have done a great job! All joking aside, I will speak for everyone and say that we appreciate you all more than you will ever know. That is especially true for my own mom!
Mummy Knows BestIf you won’t be able to spend time with your mom (call her!!!) this Mother’s day you might peruse the pages of Salt Water New England for some preppy mom time.

Spring Sniffles


Spring is in full effect here in Ohio. Plants are poisoning the air with their pollen, there are 40 degree swings in temperatures, and I am suffering from cold. All joking aside, I do enjoy spring, but my cold has made things such as writing this week’s blog post a challenge. Lucky for me my Patagonia Snap-T has stepped up to the challenge of making me feel comfortable in a time of discomfort.
008You may have heard people say something to the effect of, “A Shetland sweater is a trad’s sweatshirt.” I am not going to dispute this as it holds true for the most part, but sometimes even trads need something even more comfortable than a Shetland (like when you are laying on your couch sick). This is where my Patagonia Snap-T fleece comes into play. It is warm and soft, but offers an advantage over something like a cream colored sweatshirt (see here), because it can provide more shelter from the wind and rain than a typical sweatshirt. It also has a cool late 70s prep vibe to it.

I am wearing my Snap-T as I write this blog, but I don’t only wear when not feeling well. Snap-T’s come in handy for any outdoor activity or even for just signalling that you are truly dressed down. For example, I have worn mine over an OCBD on a casual Friday where it was well received. These are just a few reasons that this versatile piece of active wear has found a home in the trad cannon.