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Spring Sniffles


Spring is in full effect here in Ohio. Plants are poisoning the air with their pollen, there are 40 degree swings in temperatures, and I am suffering from cold. All joking aside, I do enjoy spring, but my cold has made things such as writing this week’s blog post a challenge. Lucky for me my Patagonia Snap-T has stepped up to the challenge of making me feel comfortable in a time of discomfort.
008You may have heard people say something to the effect of, “A Shetland sweater is a trad’s sweatshirt.” I am not going to dispute this as it holds true for the most part, but sometimes even trads need something even more comfortable than a Shetland (like when you are laying on your couch sick). This is where my Patagonia Snap-T fleece comes into play. It is warm and soft, but offers an advantage over something like a cream colored sweatshirt (see here), because it can provide more shelter from the wind and rain than a typical sweatshirt. It also has a cool late 70s prep vibe to it.

I am wearing my Snap-T as I write this blog, but I don’t only wear when not feeling well. Snap-T’s come in handy for any outdoor activity or even for just signalling that you are truly dressed down. For example, I have worn mine over an OCBD on a casual Friday where it was well received. These are just a few reasons that this versatile piece of active wear has found a home in the trad cannon.



I have lived in my current apartment for about 5 years. However you cannot tell. For lack of a better description it does not feel like a home. There are pictures that need hung, rooms that need furnished, and so much more. I think that you get the idea.
FullSizeRender(21)IMG_4407I decided to tackle my interior design project one room at a time. I started with the living room. I had painted the living room when I first moved in so it already had that advantage going for it. It is also the room that I spend the most time when not sleeping. I made a list of what the room needed and started doing research on these items as well as gathering inspiration.

I have been shopping all over the place. To date I have used a combination of WayFair, antique shops, Pier 1, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, and even Walmart. A few of the items that I have added so far are a new couch, throw pillows, two lamps, a few end tables, a couple pictures, and other knickknacks.
My end goal is to have a place to live that reflects my style and interests. A place where I feel comfortable. I house that I want to go home to. For far too long I have had the mind set of making due with what I had, but now I am focused on making it my own. I will keep you all updated on my progress. I am off to find some new chairs!

Moth Man Cometh


I have been having an eventful few months. A few of my sweaters were attacked by moths, someone hit my parked car, I have been extra busy on the work front, and then my sweaters were again attacked by moths. As you can tell none of the events have been what I would call positive. The worst part is that the sweater problem is still haunting me.

I store my sweaters in two areas. One of these areas is a dresser drawer and the other a cedar chest.  Even though both are stocked with cedar and lavender this is only going to discourage moths not stop them. After doing some research it appears that cedar chest are effective because they are not easy for moths to get into not because they are made of cedar.
Moth HoleThe first attack occurred in my dresser. I discovered a brand new sweater at the very bottom of the pile with a hole. I mention that it was new for two reasons. The first is that moths are attracted to clothing with stains or some dirt from wear. Second, is that only because it was new could I confirm that the moth bites happened in this drawer because all of my sweates travel between the two areas.

So, What did I do? First, I took all of my sweaters to the dry cleaner. This was annoying, but it made me feel confidant that I had taken care of the issue. I also cleaned out the dresser drawer really well. Finally I put all of the sweaters into the cedar chest. Fast forward a week and I discover another moth hole. This time I put all my sweaters in the freezer to kill off the moths, clean out the cedar chest, and Finally I put them in the plastic storage bags.

I share this because I am sure that many of you can relate to this struggle. Moths are terrifying to anyone that has a fair amount of sweaters. They are hard to see which means it is hard to know that they are there until it is too late. What I am trying to do now is move forward and stop worrying about future attacks (which is much easier said than done). I just keep telling myself that I have taken the necessary precautions and the worst case scenario is that I will have to buy some new sweaters 😉

Spring Sacks for Cheap

One thing about 3/2 roll sack sport coats is that they are not cheap. Places like O’Connell’s, J.Press, and (sometimes) Brooks Brothers that stock 3/2 roll sacks have a high barrier to entry with prices average starting around $750. This presents a challenge to the younger generation interested in the style. That’s why I always like to share when I find something that is trad, ivy, & very affordable.
Uniqlo seersucker sackUniqlo 2-button sack

Uniqlo is currently offering a few sack sport coats in their Uniqlo U collection. This includes a khaki (looks brown)  seersucker with a 3/2 roll, swelled edges, and no darts. There is also the even more rare 2-button sack with patch, but not flap pockets (I like the green). Both jackets retail for $79.99 and are currently on sale for $59.99.

Before you get too excited lets talk about the pros and cons. The first con is fit. These jackets are alpha sized so fit is really hit or miss. At least they provide detailed measurements on site. Another pro is that they are cheap enough to beat up, but on the other hand the quality may not hold up to too many beatings. If you are on a budget, but like the trad look or are just a trad looking for a beater jacket these may be worth checking out.

Gap: Archive re-issue big oxford shirt

Feature Gap

I was alerted that Gap was re-issuing an oxford via an OCBD blog reader (Thank you!). I pondered what ocbd they were re-issuing and what features they would highlight as I waited for the link to render. I was expecting something Take Ivy like, playing up an unlined collar and back-button, but it wasn’t that at all.

Gap’s re-issue is the big oxford shirt (See here). At first I thought that big referred to the collar size until I made it further down the page. They go on to state that,

“We’re throwing it back to the ’90’s with a limited-edition collection of iconic pieces pulled straight from our archives, exactly as you remember them.”

product photo
It seems like the shirt might be more Seinfeld than Take Ivy, but it does have a few things going for it. It is must-iron, has a locker loop, and the the collar size does not look bad. It’s also only $55 at a place that is plagued with sales.  All in all it is good to see a company releasing ocbd’s instead of discontinuing them.