On the Green

Olive Chinos and Tartan Shirt

It is no secret that I am a fan of green. In fact, I have 3 blog posts all about my love of green (Green Ties, Green Sweaters, and Green Cord Jacket). My affinity for green used to be mainly limited to ties, but that has all changed. Earlier this year I picked up a pair of green chinos from J.Crew and they have been in heavy rotation ever since.

The pants that I picked up were made for summer. First of all they are constructed out of a lightweight oxford cloth which is great in the heat. Second and what should have probably been first is the color. The green is sorta of an olive, but can appear brighter depending on the lighting. I have had success pairing them with a blue OCBD, blue sweatshirt, tartan shirt, patchwork madras, a white polo, and even my guilty pleasure grey t-shirts. Basically, they are very versatile.
Olive Chinos and Patchwork Madras
Olive Chinos & White SweatshirtNot only did I pick up these chinos to be worn in the summer, but I also selected them for casual wear. What this means to me is that I do not intend to wear them with my business casual rigs, ties, or even a tucked in shirt…most of the time. I mention this, because it played a large role in my fit selection. I generally wear J.Crew 1040 which is what their classic fit is now called, but because I knew that these were for play I went with the slimmer 770 fit. I like my casual clothes to be a little less full than work gear. I also sized up from a 29″ to a 30″ waist. In hindsight I may have been able to stick with my normal size, but I am happy with the fit.
Olive Chinos and Tartan Shirt
IMG_7882 99.99% of the time I am wearing a pair of Khaki chinos so it is good to be able to mix it up. Plus, I can’t tell you how many compliments I have received while wearing them. If you are considering a pair of green chinos I recommend sticking with olive or a close variation to convey the tradliness that you want. I love these chinos so much that I am already searching for another pair of olive chinos that I can wear when the weather turns cool!

New to Me: Arnold Steiner


A few years back it seemed like every other week there was a new company peddling preppy and trad wears. That trend seems to have slowed to a trickle which is probably an indicator that the winds of fashion are changing. Nonetheless I have been noticing up and coming company that continues to drop some solid looking products. This company is Arnold Steiner.
Image of MULTIP STRIPE REPP - REDMy interest in Arnold Steiner all started with the tie pictured above. I saw this regimental tie on their IG account (Arnold Steiner Instagram) and my first thought was, “That is my kinda tie.” It had everything that I look for in a tie which is a color palette consisting of colors like, red, yellow, and green, but most importantly is a color contrast that pops. This tie has it all. The only downside for me is that it is a bit on the skinny side being all of 3″, but it will get worn with my slimmer lapels and I will also do my sweater & tie combo with it.
Image of VARSITY
Image of CAMPUS #5

Image of SKULLSArnold Steiner offers a few other cool looking products besides the tie. There are the JFK style socks that seem to be gaining in popularity at the moment. There are also a variety of striped socks. My favorite pair are the (of course) the sold out Campus #5. I have a pair with the same pattern from Rugby and they get worn on the regular. There are also some cool caps like the mallard or skull & bones for those of you like me who sport the occasional baseball cap.

When it comes to new companies most of the time I don’t know if I am ahead of the curve or struggling to keep up. Regardless, I like to keep my eyes peeled for new sources of clothes and when I find them share them with you all. I just ordered the tie in this post so lookout for the upcoming review!

Golfing Again

Golf Shoe Search

This will be my 3rd year trying to learn how to play golf. I slowed down a bit last summer as my discouragement outweighed my progress, but this year I am moving in the right direction again. For any reader that is considering getting in the game I wanted to share a couple cool posts from the Red Clay Soul blog. This guy knows a thing or two about golf and that includes how to get equipment on the cheap.

Scotty Cameron Before & After: Putnam Putting
I’ve done a few Scotty Cameron putters in the past, and have been very pleased with the results.  I like restoring a putter, rather than buying one off the rack (for a premium).  It gives me the opportunity to make the putter mine, and mine alone. Remember the one I found at Goodwill?  And the… Read more

Refurbished Footjoys – Follow Up
In a follow up to the ‘Footjoys – In need of a retread‘ post, here are the results. I couldn’t be more pleased – Footjoy recognized that the warranty did apply to these shoes, and completed the work at a $0 cost. The shoes were totally rebuilt. What happened during the process what that Footjoy… Read more

While golf is challenging it is also rewarding. It can also be very frustrating, but this year I am doing my best to minimize that frustration by remembering that the reward is playing the game not the score. It will take everything I have in me to get there, but I will do my best.
Casual Golf



The Modern Trad


One of the biggest struggles for those of us that adhere to the trad look is well… looking contemporary. The classic look that we all know and love definitely skews dressy in today’s casual workplace. Due to this I like to highlight items that help to push trad forward while at the same adhere to the trad aesthetic. I just spotted a few such items from the French workwear Vetra.
https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/cc/15/f4/cc15f40979bd54ea818304f99910be5e.jpgIf you are not familiar with the name Vetra I am sure that you are familiar with bold blue chore jackets that are synonymous with the brand. NYT’s Bill Cunningham might be the other biggest association with the brand. Bill wore them well. To cut to the chase not only are chore jackets uber popular now, but they also bleed over into the current indigo rage.

While the chore jacket is cool, Vetra has some even cooler choices for us trads. These cooler jackets are very similar to Keydge Slack jackets which are also cool and ivy, but are hard to source here in the US. The Vetra jackets that I spotted and liked are 3-button with flap pockets and are extremely slouchy. The icing on the cake is that the pricing is not outrageous ranging from $165-300. I have included my 3 favorite’s below.

Vetra - Heavy Jersey Workwear Blazer in NavyVetra – Heavy Jersey Workwear Blazer in Navy $170.00

Vetra - Light Cotton Canvas Workwear Blazer in Overdyed KhakiVetra – Light Cotton Canvas Workwear Blazer in Overdyed Khaki $165.00

Vetra - Japanese Denim Canvas Suit Jacket in Washed IndigoVetra – Japanese Denim Canvas Suit Jacket in Washed Indigo $275.00

If you are a young guy that wants to start a sport coat, but aren’t quite ready to go full on blue blazer and repp tie this coudl be a great place to start. At the same time if you are an old school die hard trad you may want to think about adding one of these to your closet and break it out on casual Friday, the weekend, or even on vacation. If you don’t fall into either of those categories like myself you may just want one and that’s okay too.

Cuffs, Please

Cuff, No Break

I am not going to hide the fact that I am a huge proponent of cuffed chinos. I am. I admit it.

I am proponent of cuffs for two reasons. The first is weight which helps with drape. The second is that I think that it makes the pants look complete.I’ve stated why I like cuffs, but what don’t people like about cuffs?
Perfect Chinos WrinkledThey are too formal for chinos. This is the most common reason that I hear as to why people don’t like cuffs. These people are right. Cuffs are the more formal of the two, but outside of menswear blogs this knowledge is not widespread. For example, chinos were once super casual, but are now seen as dressy by most people.

I will also admit that at times I buy chinos for casual wear without a cuff. What I do is usually turn up the hem. I see this all of the time on other people from every range of style and pants from chinos to jean. All I am saying is don’t overthink the formality of it.
Moosehide MocsThe other reason that I hear is that people don’t like the way that they look. This is not a point that I can argue. All I can say is that to my eye chinos that are cuffed especially at work look better. They anchor down the leg opening so that it doesn’t flap around, provide additional structure, add a little taper to the chinos.
Salesman at J.Press New HavenI think that Billax speaks to it the best in Cuff, No Break when he says,

“I believe the importance of joints, intersections, and edges at the top is pretty well understood: the importance of the relationships between shirt, tie, jacket, lapel, notch shape, gorge height, and collar roll is a focal point of men who care about their appearance. It is, after all, what they see in the mirror every morning.

Not one man in a thousand has a mirror to see the equally important bottom of one’s outfit. Yet, those bottom elements – trouser length, crease, cuff, socks, and shoes – are easily seen by everyone who looks at you”

I am by no means saying that cuffs are a must. I fully understand that what looks good to some does not to others. What I am saying is that if you do not cuff just give it some consideration. Billax is much more convincing that I am: Cuff, No Break by Billax