A Traditional Home

I have just recently moved into a new apartment. It is in an older building in a historic section in Springfield, OH. It was almost exactly what I was looking for: it has high ceilings, a built-in bookcase, and lots of other great details. There are some down sides to the apartment as well.  It can get cold, it is easy to blow a fuse and there are lots of other minor issues due mostly to how old the house is. However, I have really been enjoying the apartment and I am excited for the opportunity to decorate it. Currently, I am debating paint colors. I need to make my purchase in the next day or so and I still do not have my mind made up.

So, I decided to go for a walk to clear my mind. Plus, I hadn’t made a post this week and I wanted to cover something other than clothes. One of my favorite things about moving into a new neighborhood is noticing what I have never before seen. I am still in that discovery stage. I like to go for walks and run outdoors which has helped me to discover a few homes that I have already come to appreciate. I had seen most of these houses before I moved in, but I had never had the chance to pay so much attention to the details of them. My neighborhood is a mix of well maintained homes and houses that have not been properly cared for in a long time. What I really like about the homes in this area is the variety of styles in which they were built. Today, I took a few pictures while I was out walking to.

Brick Home with PorchThis house is located one door down from me. It is one of the first houses that I had the chance to closely examine and is still one of my favorites

Cool Brick Home DetailsThe brick work is so nice. I love looking at the details. I think that I look like a tourist when I go for walks. Sometimes I have to tell myself to move along.

Tan Home 1This house is located a door down from me in the opposite direction. This is just one example of the wide  variety of homes in this area. This house has some great details as well, but I didn’t get any good pictures of them.

Large Tan HomeThis home is located directly across the street from the previous house. I am very interested in what it looks like on the inside. They have home tours in this area of Springfield, and I cannot wait to go next year. I hope this home is featured.Grey Home

I have never thought of grey as being a traditional color for a home or interior. Recently a coworker (who has a great sense of style) was telling me about how she likes using grey as a neutral. While on a run, not too long after that, I noticed this house and I thought that it looked great in grey. I have since noticed numerous grey homes. In fact, I think that I am going to use a light grey in my bedroom.

Grey House PorchThere is something that I really like about this porch. English Looking Home This house appeals to my inner anglophile.

Small Building

I like small homes as well. This is the smallest of the two external buildings that belong to the mansion turned funeral home that is directly across the street from my building.

Westcott House

This is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott House. It is currently a museum and is very cool. It also reminds me to get plants for my house and to take care of them.

It was a nice refreshing walk. I came back to my project with a renewed since of energy. I have a tendency to want everything today. Looking at these homes helps me to remember that nothing happens overnight. In the near future, I hope to include pictures of my apartment and its progress. I just need to keep working steadily and to greatly improve upon my indoor photography skills. I did take one picture of a building that was in disrepair. I guess we all have projects to complete.

Carriage HouseVictorian Home

The home looks to have seen some restoration.



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  1. max says:

    well done , nice pictures of these historical homes.

  2. Great shots! During this time of years some of the mansions on your street have the windows wide open to display the Christmas decorations and they look amazing inside.

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