Handmade Irish Fisherman’s Sweater

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I got home from work on Wednesday and saw a delivery box at my front door. I thought to myself “this could be the sweater that my sister has been making for me!” I quickly checked the return address. Yes! It was indeed from my sister in Portland, Maine. I was beside myself with anticipation. I opened the box to find not only my sweater, but a work of art and the best gift that I have ever received.

In my opinion, there is no gift greater than one that has been made especially for you. I learned this after receiving mixtapes, scarves, and a pair of socks over the years . I have treasured these gifts. They mean more to me than any high end or technological gift that I have ever received. This gift will allow me to  feel a bond with my sister every time I where it and will be reminded of the love between us.Irish Fishermans Sweater outside

I have always admired my sister very much. She is very intelligent, she reads cool books, listens to cool music, has a great sense of humor and is in general is a very pleasant person. We did not always live in the same house growing up. To me it seemed that she lived in a world very different than my own. However, she has helped to show me that there is a lot of world out there and that you cannot let yourself to be confined by other people’s expectations of yourself. Instead you have to make choices that make you happy.Irhish Fishermans Sweater

In short, this is the best gift that I have ever received. I am not very knowledgeable about  knitting, but I would be more than happy to post some additional pictures or ask some questions on the behalf of reader. Just leave a comment or email me at oxfordclothbuttondown@gmail.com. I will review this sweater in detail as it receives some wears during the winter.

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15 Comments on "Handmade Irish Fisherman’s Sweater"

  1. Natalie says:

    Very nice! I’m just learning how to knit myself so this sweater seems really amazing to me now that I can understand how much goes into it. It really is a labor of love!

  2. kathleen says:

    What an extraordinarily beautiful sweater! Your sister is VERY talented with her knitting.

  3. Nicole says:

    Thanks everyone for the compliments! I have been knitting for about 4 years and I’m totally self taught. As I always tell people, I am the world’s least coordinated person so if I can knit anyone can (c:
    The sweater pattern is called Saint Enda and it’s from the 2nd edition of Aran Knitting by Alice Starmore (a gorgeous book; if you are a knitter I highly recommend checking it out). The sweater was definitely made with love. Though no one ever believes me when I say this, it really was not as hard as it looks!

  4. Woofboxer says:

    Let’s face it, most sweaters that relatives knit for you are awful and you only wear them when the knitter comes to visit. But this one is really cool and fits as well, it doesn’t get any better that! Enjoy it.

  5. Wow, your sister is *amazing*, that is a gorgeous sweater, and clearly very warm as well! Thanks for sharing it with us, that is very cool to see.

  6. Jovan says:

    The sweater looks like anything you could find off the rack. Possibly even better. You did a great job, Nicole. Your brother received a very nice gift.

    So… do you take commissions? 😛

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      Hey Jovan! Thanks for checking out my blog. After my family saw this sweater my Sister has received a lot of orders from them, haha.

  7. natacha says:

    great outfit. love your blog!

  8. forum mode says:

    cute!!! how adorable!

  9. Carol Wentz says:

    As a knitter myself, I am in total awe of your sister Nicole’s sweater. Wow. That is a really beautiful piece of work. By the way, my husband Randy and I are friends with your mom and Keith. She was telling me about the sweater last Saturday. Totally impressed. Please pass that along to your sister.

  10. oxford cloth button down says:

    Carol – It is quite an impressive work and I will pass along the compliment. Thanks for the comment!

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