The Buckleys: A Gifted American Family

Not only do I like thrifting, but I like to go to antique stores too. I have been going to antique stores more regularly since I started to decorate my apartment (still working on it). During a trip a couple weeks ago I noticed a booth full of old magazines. I didn’t look through them, but I thought about them all week. I went back the next weekend, and found a few cool Life magazines about American families. I am going to start my historic image posts with the Buckleys of Great Elm. This Life is from 1970, but it contains lots of the details that we all love, including 3/2 suits and blazers, button-down collars, dogs, and more.

First, a brief background of the Buckleys. William F. Buckley Sr. was born in 1881 and practiced law in Mexico at the beginning of his career. He provided counsel for major oil companies, before getting involved in the oil industry himself. His son James L. Buckley went on to be a  US senator from New York and then to hold various other offices including being a Judge for the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Jim’s oldest brother John ran a family business involving oil exploration and development. The most familiar family name is probably William F. Buckley who was an author and editor for the National Review which his sister, Priscilla, was managing editor. On to the pictures.

BuckleysI said that there would be dogs.

Jim BuckleyGreat haircut

William F. Buckley SrAnother dog.

Family Football

Buckley Family portraitA little 1970’s, but still there are still some good looks in there.

Yale and Vassar Marriage You have to love the caption. I think I would call this picture, “It is an Ivy life.”

I am going to hold off on posting pictures from the other two for a while. I think that posting them all at once would make it too hard to appreciate each picture. I have a few more ideas about how to get some other cool older pictures. I will keep working on it. I am also looking into a way to display bigger pictures on my blog. The other two Life magazines that I have feature the Lowells and the DuPonts. I hope that you enjoy these picture as much as I do.

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3 Comments on "The Buckleys: A Gifted American Family"

  1. max says:

    these are some great pictures, The only picture i have seen before,is Bill w/football. WFB wasa brilliant multi talented man,i respected his views even if i didnt agree.

  2. Mariah says:

    Wow! These are great pictures! I’m also working on a small collection of Life Magazines, they are so much fun. Looking forward to seeing the DuPonts!

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      Hey Mariah, thanks for checking out my blog. I am glad that you enjoyed the pictures! You are right, old Life magazines are so good. You have a wonderful blog by the way. Anyone who has never been there should head over and take a look. It is .

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