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I went out thrifting on Saturday morning and came home empty handed. Lamenting over my failure, I opened up my tie drawer and decided to take a trip down memory lane. Actually, Before I get to the ties let me do a quick recap. As I mentioned in a previous post ties are one item that you should always look for when thrfiting. Why? Well, there are only ties and long ties in terms of sizing. Long ties being the exception. This is why finding a tie is more probable than finding any other clothing article. Okay, on to the ties.

I selected three ties that I had thrifted in the past and loved. Each one of these ties has a brilliant pop of color set against a neutral backdrop. The Don Lopper has red on a pale yellow, the Reis of New haven sets red against green, and the Giacomo tie features red (,blue, and yellow) on brown (maybe this post should have been about “red accents”?). I remember finding each of these ties and it was the colors that drew me to them. They are all different from one another (I know that two are paisley, but they are different). However, they all live together in my tie drawer away from the solid and regimental/repp stripe ties.

Don Lopper paisley tieDon Lopper Beverly Hills

close upA very nice paisley

Don Lopper paisley tie tag

Reis of New Haven tieReis of New Haven

Reis of New Haven tie close upThis is a beautiful tie. It has a wonderful feel as well

Reis of New Haven Tag


Giacomo tieGiacomo

Giacomo tie close upAn absolutely great flower pattern

Giacoma tie tag

Alright, I know that I said that long ties are the exception and that you should only buy things items that fit, but here area two long Rooster ties that I just couldn’t pass up. The colors of the plaid and the worn texture of the cotton got me. I had to have them. I only paid a $1, but I still don’t know what I am going to do with them. I guess this is what happens when you don’t stick to the rules.

Rooster plaid tie

plaid rooster tie close upClassic

plaid rooster tie tag

Rooster blue tie

rooster blue tie close upBrilliant blue

Rooster tie tag

I am not going to let last Saturday discourage me from thrifting. Writing this post and taking pictures of these ties has restored my faith.The thrifting gods have been good to me. Plus, I need to find a tweed or corduroy jacket so that I can wear that brown Giacomo tie. It is too bad that 36 shorts are such an evasive species. To all my fellow thrifters, I wish you the best of luck out there. To everyone else, I hope that you have enjoyed the pictures.


oxford cloth button down
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One Comment on "Thrifted: More Ties"

  1. max says:

    these are some swell w/ amoeba like paisley looks l;ike part linen- Loper is a name i havent seen in years..yellow paisley( ties were worn with grey pinstripe suits!– must have been a spring summer look early 80s.. around that same time i remember yellow v neck sweater vests -worn with grey pinstripes..-2 generatiopns earlier-Franklin roosevelt was pictured wearing same.
    good pix-

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