Accessories Part 1: Socks


As I have mentioned here before, I wear a blue OCBD  (oxford cloth button down) shirt and khaki chinos almost every day. While I love the simplicity of my dress code, it does not produce the most exciting outfits. Also, I work in a casual office and do not get to utilize a tie or jacket. After a while I started to look for other ways to add some color to my “uniform.” Since then I have learned that socks are a simple way to add color, patterns, and even texture to my otherwise drab outfits.

Here are a few examples of argyle socks.





There are a lot options when it comes to socks. They come in almost any color and pattern. I am an advocate for argyle, rugby stripe, regimental, and fair isle socks (in the winter). My only other recommendation is that you get over-calf-socks (OTC). I am not a fan of constantly having to pull my socks up and I think that OTC socks offer a better fit..

Another reason why socks are such good accessories is that they are affordable. You can spend $30-40 and get a really nice pair of wool socks. However, you can also go to Target and get a cool pair of socks for $5.  Most of the socks featured in this post came from The Gap, Target, J.Crew, and maybe Kohls. This fits in nicely with my motto of “affordability and availability.”

Examples of striped socks.






Not striped, but I like these and wanted to include them.


Another article of clothing made by my talented sister. I usually wear these with slippers. They are warm and cozy.



Handmade-Socks-ShoesI do need  a pair of red socks. I like the way they look with brown suede

Socks are a great accessory. In this post, I only used a few pair of shoes and the same pair of chinos to provide some examples. I could have made even more interesting color combinations by mixing in different pants and shoes. So, start thinking about mixing suede shoes, corduroy pants, and wool socks or navy chinos, red socks, and brown shoes. I have found that by experimenting with different sock, shoe, and pant combos that I can make what were very similar outfits look pretty different. After you get done reading this post, take a trip to your sock drawer, take stock, and start working up few outfits. If you are anywhere near as boring as I am you may find that socks can help you mix it up.

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7 Comments on "Accessories Part 1: Socks"

  1. max says:

    another fun post..(there is actually an online company called “the joy of socks”-but you brought out the heavy artillery.. i”ll do red socks w/loafers blazer tie etc-
    i like your argyles w/suede wings great anglo styling-
    ditto the lite brown weejuns — old ads posted on web seem to suggest similar color offered years ago-(they did blue too-and believe it or not- tan and also a hunter green suede weejun– great pix


  2. SUM says:

    Great blog – a well put together read.

  3. Tony says:

    Great post! I also use socks to break up the monotony of my attire. On a related note, what are your thoughts on socks with shoes that are worn traditionally barefoot? Some may call it a prep sin, but I think it’s best to wear socks with boat shoes when its winter and less than 60 degrees. I wrote an article about it on my own blog: ( but I make sure to use “GTH”- esque patterns, such as our favorite argyles and stripes.

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      Thanks Tony! You have an awesome blog btw, really good stuff over there. I am with you, socks unless it is summer and warm!

  4. B says:

    Are the socks made by your sister based on the Red Sox logo? That makes them even more unique and meaningful !

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      Haha, no I just asked for red socks. The white accents were her idea and add a great bit of color contrast. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Serkeycle says:

    mi primer post de agradecimiento,

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