Casual Shoes: Update

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I did a post on my need for some casual shoes two weeks ago. The shoe I was looking for needed to be work appropriate, able to handle bad weather, and denim friendly. I also wanted to be able to wear them with shorts in the summer, so they needed to look good sans socks.  At the time I was set on getting a pair of blucher camp mocs, but things don’t always turn out as I plan, no matter how much I plan.

I started my hunt by traveling to the nearest outlet mall. I began here, mainly because they have a Sebago store, but also because there are other shoe outlets there as well. I was hoping to find a pair of Campsides, but no luck. However, I ventured into the Bass store (as I always do) and found a pair of  blucher camp moc hybrids with a lugged sole (sorry; no box, no name) on the clearance wall for $25. This shoe had almost everything that I was looking for as they can be worn to work, worn on the weekend, and worn in bad weather. What they are not is well suited for is being to worn to work on days when the weather is nice and wearing with shorts.

Camp Moc HybridI have now worn them twice and so far they have been great. For their first wear, I took them out for a stroll to the coffee shop on a misty morning. They were comfortable right from the beginning and did not look out of place among the other weekend shoes at the coffee shop. I have also worn them to work on a rainy day. They served their purpose and then some. Meaning that I did not slip, because they have rubber soles and I picked-up a compliment. However, I am still struggling to find out what socks work and what socks don’t work with the. So far it appears that thicker cotton and wool socks look good, but that thinner cotton patterned sock such as argyles don’t quite work. I think that patterned socks look too fancy when set against the back drop of the worn and rugged leather. I will continue to experiment with different socks and report back any interesting finds.

Camp Moc Hybrid in actionAs I mentioned these shoes filled almost every need on my list. Where they fall short is in that they aren’t quite dressy enough to make an appearance in the office when the weather is nice and they are not quite sleek enough to work with shorts. I still think that a pair of traditional blucher camp mocs would have met all of my criteria, but for $25 I could not pass them up. Another upside to these shoes is that they will also make good winter shoes. With all that being said, I am now in the market for a pair of summer/work shoes. Maybe it is time for me to bite the bullet and purchase a pair of boat shoes. What will it be Sebago’s or Sperry’s?

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5 Comments on "Casual Shoes: Update"

  1. Jovan says:

    “Causal” shoes? This will make an interesting philosophical discussion… 😉

  2. Paul says:

    Nice choice, although I do agree that they have an autumnal feel to them. The lug soles don’t always work with shorts, but could given the right situation or event. Given that, I wouldn’t give up your quest for a pair of camp mocs or blutchers. Sperry Topsiders should alway be an option but their latest, reasonably priced, models are all imported unfortunately. Being the consumate thrifter, I’ve found some amazing shoes on Ebay and at local thrift stores (camp mocs and Sperry’s alike). You just need to be careful to clean and fully disinfect your purchases before wearing. The one bonus of going that route is that the shoes already have that broken-in look. Regardless, the pair you’ve chosen will be an excellent addition to your wardrobe and should provide many years of service! Congrats!

  3. Tim Hardy says:

    Nice article and a help in my search too. Thanks

  4. oxford cloth button down says:

    @Paul – Thanks Paul. I haven’t given up on camp mocs eyt, Bu i have grabbed a pair of Sperry. They are comfy like slippers.

    I have always been hesitant to get shoes from thrift stores but your encouragement has helped.

    @Jovan – And how would this discussion began? What is Casual? Where is this casual? or would these come from people who think only sneakers are “Casual”? I am intrigued, please expand.

  5. Walter Denton says:

    I believe Jovan was referring to the spelling of “Causal Shoes” in your title – they would seem to be shoes with a cause. I have enjoyed your blog and if you are still thinking about boat shoes you might consider Timberlands also.

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