Spring is Upon Us


Flowers are blooming,  trees are getting their leaves, the air around us is stirring with new life, but more importantly people are digging through their closets to get to their madras and seersucker shirts and jackets. While I am trying to hold out on wearing my madras shirts until Memorial day (I doubt that I will make it) spring is here and we have already experienced some gorgeous weather. This long weekend has been no exception and as a result I have been having too much fun enjoying the weather to focus on an in-depth blog post. However, there is no need to worry I have purchased a few items that I will be reviewing shortly. Until then, I leave you with a few pictures that I took last week and this weekend which include  pictures from thrifting, a walk through my neighborhood to a historic cemetery, some new decorations for my home and a few other random images. Have a  happy holiday everyone!

casualOut to do a little thrifting.

tiesA good day for ties!

cedarvilleA close-up of 1 of 2 Cedarville College ties that I found( Both are pictured above on the far right).

Dayton, Oh tieA locally made Dayton, Oh striped tie!

afterworkA quick change to hang out in the yard and go for a walk.sideyard




doorsMy neighbor’s very cool door.

homeandgardenLovely garden.

cemeteryA mid-to-late 19th century cemetery down the street. This tomb is a typical tombstone.

sheepThis is my favorite marker in the cemetery. I still don’t know if it is a lamb or a dog ? I love it regardless.

sheepordogA close-up.

fried dumplingsBack at home for some fried dumplings. I have been a bit obsessed with these lately.

embroidered pictureCharles Wysocki Embroidered picture made by my Mom.

embroidered picture close-upClose-up.

model sail boatModel sail boat.

Happy EasterHappy Easter!


oxford cloth button down
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7 Comments on "Spring is Upon Us"

  1. squatmilk says:

    I’ve been really enjoying this blog. Will be interested to see how your very pure take on the khakis/ocbd look changes, or doesnt change, into the milder months.
    Keep up the good work

  2. max says:

    some great pix-(and some swell ties)

  3. Woofboxer says:

    Some nice photos here. Spring has been and gone away again for a while in the UK and I’ve had the tweeds out again! You are missed on Talk Ivy …..post again soon. Andy

  4. oxford cloth button down says:

    @squatmilk -I don’t think it will change too much the average temp in my office is still 58 degrees. My wool sweaters are still a mainstay on my desk. However, I might throw a polo on and perhaps even a pair of shorts (yes, shorts!) during the weekend in the summer.

    @Max – Thanks, it is good to hear from you!

    @ Woofboxer – Hey Andy, thanks! I am a little jealous of your weather. I do not want to let go of my wool sweaters. I have been super busy, but I will be back on Talk Ivy. Thanks for the re-invite!

  5. fxh says:

    Nice photos. Looks like a relaxing place to stroll and be.

    I’d say a lamb. “Lamb of God who takest away the sins of the world”

  6. Curt says:

    I have been reading here a bit, but didn’t realize you were local until I saw the Cedarville tie… Good taste there!

  7. cassie says:

    Love the tulips and all of the pictures!

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