Summer Reading: Fun Edition

I am an avid reader; I mostly enjoy literature (not to sound pretentious), but sometimes I need something a bit less dense and that is when I generally turn to magazines or blogs. However, there are times when even my magazines and blogs aren’t quite fun enough. During these times I find refuge in tumblr . Some tumblrs are like typical blogs,  but the ones that I am talking about here are almost 100% strictly images. There is nothing more satisfying (in a self -indulgence kind of way) than spending an hour looking at page after page of trad, ivy, and preppy fantasy. I have decided to share some of my current favorites in case anyone out there has a similar urge that they need to fulfill.


  1. Ivy Inspired– This is one of my very favorite tumblrs. The content of this site truly reflects the “Ivy Inspired” name. The young man that runs this tumblr is a high school senior and I wish I were as cool as he must be when I was his age. I highly recommend that you take a look at this site.
    Ivy Inspired Tumblr
  2. Muffy Aldrich– First off, if you don’t read Muffy Aldrich’s The Daily Prep you should. Her blog truly captures the essence of the trad lifestyle and all that it entails. Muffy now operates a tumblr as well. This is essential material for anyone who is trying to understand the trad lifestyle.
    Muffy Aldrich Tumblr
  3.  The Handbook Authority – This tumblr is new to me, but I have to say that I have really enjoyed it so far. To give you an idea about the content of this site I have included an excerpt from the “about” page:  “Proud Hoosier conservative old-school-Preppy working on the Hill. Prep school and private college grad. Prep is an adjective, Preppy is a noun.” As of now, I am a fan.
    The Handbook tumblr
  4. Prepfection – I love Prepfection. I do not comment on women’s style, but I am very interested in it. I am also interested in women’s view on mens style. The Prepfection tumblr offers insight to both from the perspective of a charming young woman named Stephanie (@prepfection).
    Prepfection Tumblr
  5.  Anyone out there have a recommendation? Please comment or send me an email.

I hope that these tumblrs help you to fill the lazy days of summer. When you have had too many cocktails and your book is getting hard to follow, the kids are too noisy at the pool to read, or you simply just need to escape turn to one of these tumblrs and enjoy.

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