J.CREW: Fair Isle & Lambswool Sweaters

Now that I find myself monitoring websites for Fall/Winter sweater offerings on a regular basis, I thought that I would report to my readers that J.Crew has finally released theirs. What J.Crew’s collection lacks in Shetland crewneck sweaters they make up for in Fair Isle lambswool ($118-138) sweaters. They have 3 variations of Fair Isle in 6 colors. Along with the Fair Isle sweaters they offer a solid 100% lambswool sweater ($64.50) in multiple colors that feature the all important saddle shoulder. This is probably the least expensive 100% wool sweater with saddle shoulders on the market. Last but not least is a Donegal lambswool ($88) available in two colors. I think that Cloud colored Donegal looks great and the color is light enough that it should pair well with khaki chinos. I will also mention two more sweaters that both are and aren’t J.Crew.

Falkirk Fair Isle in Heathered BirchFalkirk Fair Isle in Heathered Birch ($138)

Iverness Fair Isle Sweater in Heathered MetalIverness Fair Isle in Heathered Metal ($118)

Iverness Fair Isle Sweater in Heathered SandIverness Fair Isle in Heathered Sand ($118)

Iverness Fair Isle Sweater in BlueIverness Fair Isle in Heathered Deep Twighlight ($118)

Glenco Fair Isle Sweater in Heathered SandGlencoe Fair Isle in Heathered Sand ($118)

Glenco Fair Isle Sweater in Deep NavyGlencoe Fair Isle in Heather Deep Navy ($118)Donegal Lambswool in OceanDonegal in Ocean ($88)

Donegal Lambswool Sweater in CloudDonegal in Cloud ($88)

J.Crew Lambswool Sweater in Heathered SeaportJ.Crew Lambswool Sweater in Heathered Seaport ($64.50)

Also available in 6 other colors

The J.Crew factory store which is sells their “made for outlet” clothing online also has two nice looking sweaters. There is a solid colored lambswool ($54.50 in multiple colors) and a lambswool Fair Isle. I guess what I said in the paragraph above is not quite correct as this Factory sweater is probably the least expensive 100% wool saddle shouldered sweater around. I will also add that the Factory store’s Fair Isle features a great pattern and colors that put this sweater on par with Fair Isles offered at the main store. I am not sure how much quality you will sacrifice if you opt for the “Factory” version over the J.Crew version. However, it should not be much as it looks like your savings would not be much more than $10-30 depending on the model selected, but alas the world does not always work so logically…

J.Crew Factory Fair Isle Sweater in GreyFactory Store Fair Isle in Grey ($98)J.Crew Factory Store Lambswool Sweater in Heathered PaprikaFactory Store Lambswool in Heathered Paprika ($54.50)

Also available in 4 other colors

Well, there it is a few more sweaters to look over as the weather turns cool. In my opinion, it always best to know all the options that are out there, and I am trying to help do just that. Depending on the color, cut and fabric that you are looking for there are usually a few similar sweaters at different price points and if you look for sales you are bound to get a good deal, or at least a pretty darn natty sweater.

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  1. Steve E says:

    @OCBD – (I’m continuing from the previous post.) So whereabouts in Ohio are you located? I was in Middletown (just north of Cincinnati) for two years (job related). Even there, in far southwest Ohio, it was much colder than Virginia. Must be the Great Lakes influence. In Va. we are shielded from the Lakes by the Appalachians, whereas you in the midwest are not.

  2. oxford cloth button down says:

    @Steve E – I live just outside of Dayton. You are right it sure does gets cold here and it is also pretty hot in Summer. I am not sure where the advantage is, haha.

  3. tony says:

    I looove those fair isle sweaters, especially the tan, BUT j crew is all sold out =-< any idea where i can get one in a medium?

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