The Brooks Brother Stripe Tie

I am not by any means saying that Brooks Brothers is the originator of any of these stripe patterns, but they have developed the most referenced classification. That classification is the Brooks Brothers (BB) stripe.

BB #1 stripe  in action

BB #1 Stripe in action

The BB #1-5 stripe neckties have become staples in the wardrobe of the classically dressed. Many gentlemen if asked what necktie they would choose if they could only wear one tie everyday would default to one of these ties and there is great reason for that. A necktie in classically colored stripes like most other traditional clothing items will never be in or out of fashion, but will always look correct. I thought that we could all stand to revisit these stripes.

BB #1 Striped Tie

BB #1 Stripe

BB #2 Striped Tie

*BB #2 Stripe

*It was not until I started writing this post that I realized the BB #2 stripe is not available in the same set of simple colors as the others.

BB #3 Striped Tie

BB #3 StripeBB #4 Striped Tie

BB #4 StripeBB #5 Striped TieBB #5 Stripe

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5 Comments on "The Brooks Brother Stripe Tie"

  1. Philly Trad says:

    The BB #2 striped necktie is available with white stripes on a navy background. That tie is, in fact, the basic Ivy tie.

  2. Philly Trad says:

    Sorry, I meant #3, not #2.

  3. Bryant says:

    I’m a #4 man though navy and green is my preferred color combination.

  4. oxford cloth button down says:

    Philly Trad – I couldn’t agree more on the bar stripe.

    Byrant & Aaron – I seem to have more #4 than anything as well. I have my site set on #3 though.

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