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I was about to head over to my friend’s house and I was looking for the appropriate footwear. I am sure that you are wondering if I am over thinking it. I mean, one of my favorite qualities of classic style is that there is very little to think and fuss about. However, I was traveling by bicycle and I knew that I was going to have a hard time riding leisurely (I am never satisfied until I leave my lungs gasping for air at some point during my ride.).

This means two things in regards to the footwear. One, I did not want to wear my athletic cycling shoes (Not casual enough.) and two, I did not want to wear my Topsiders (They would get ruined too quickly.). I found the answer in the back of my closet.

New Cycling Shoes

In the back of my closet is a trash bag full of items that do not fit. As I dug through this bag I discovered a pair of shoes that I had completely forgotten about. They are an odd looking pair of Johnston & Murphy shoes, part boat shoe, part moccasin, with just a touch of contemporary mixed in (The part I don’t like). I never would have purchased them if they were not $20. I couldn’t resist at that price point and I was positive that I would find a use for them. I was wrong and they soon made their way to the “to be donated” pile. I snagged them just in time.

The shoes fulfilled their duty well. This was their first trip out of the house and they were a bit stiff. I wore them sans socks and suffered a little irritation to one of my ankles. I am s pretty sure that they will break in over time. Hopefully this will eliminate the ankle irritation.

In Action

The shoe still looks very off to me. It looks like someone just stopped for the day before completing a boat shoe and never finished them. The eyelets are really close together and it would take six eyelets instead of the normal four to complete this shoe. The toe box is also a lot longer than your average boat shoe. They are a weird hybrid.

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I am thankful that I found these shoes. Traveling by bicycle is one of my favorite things about summer and these shoes will allow me to do more of it. Plus, I did not have to spend a dime. I am however starting to think that these shoes might even be my next project.  How hard could it be to add another eyelet?  The moral of this story is do not overlook what you already have.

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4 Comments on "Summer Cycling Shoes"

  1. hardline_42 says:

    Ah, cycling. One of the best things about summer. I’m glad those boat shoes worked for you. I’m surprised that such a floppy-soled shoe didn’t give you a hard time with clips and straps on such a small platform. I wear my boat shoes when I’m out on my old Raleigh 3-speed, but that’s mostly just for running errands on weekends and I don’t mind flailing around on those old rubber pedals. On my road bike, I have to go full-on road shoes and clipless pedals. I’ve never been able to find a happy medium between the two types of riding, but it looks like that’s what you’ve got. Details on the bike? Looks like a Campy chainring…

  2. LIn says:

    Just in case you were thinking of installing grommets, I did a how to search and came up with several sites (and youtube videos) this site seemed to have good information.
    It didn’t look too difficult – and you would get to buy a nifty grommet tool :-)

  3. oxford cloth button down says:

    Brian – It makes summer for me. I love riding shoes and clipless pedals, too. You are right it is quite different. I don’t have the right bike at t the moment. I have my eye out for something with shifting in the hand brakes. That bike I am riding in the post is an 1986 Bridgestone 500 with shimano 600 components. It is fun to cruise on, but it is not as sporty of a bike as I need.

    Lin – Thanks. I will look into it!

  4. fxh says:

    I have power grips on my bike – a Surly Long Haul Trucker – effective but don’t look seriously macho / jock sporty

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