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It is the first week of August, but due to a bout of cold weather you would not know it. Actually, it feels a lot more like fall than summer. This has demotivated me to take the few remaining summer items to the tailor that missed out on the first round of summer alterations. I think that round two will actually be comprised of my fall wardrobe rather than the summer items.

I know that it is a little early to be dreaming of Shetland sweaters and corduroy pants, but they will not prepare themselves. This is especially true for my new items. I am really excited about two vintage tweeds that are on their way to me as I type this and I am sure that they will need a tweak or two. Both of these jackets are striped tweeds which are often a variety that is referred to as a broken bone pattern.

Christian over at IvyStyle.com did a post on vertical striped jackets not too long ago. I commented that I always thought that these jackets look dated. I guess, I didn’t think that they looked dated enough to stop myself from buying one (or two) and now I have a challenge laying a head of me to prove to myself that I can make  the jacket look contemporary.

Vintage Deansgate For HarvardVintage Deansgate For Harvard

A Closer lookVintage BB Tweed qith Vertical striipesBold Striped tweed

My other items to be altered are primarily trousers. There are waists to be brought in, inseams to be shortened and a whole lot of tapering. Two pair of my cords made it through last season, but I think that with some minor adjustments they will move even higher in my rotation. Plus, I need to get more familiar with what taper will look best for me as I am still on the hunt for some well-cut chinos.

Taper CordsNeed a little tapering to reduce the flopping.

More Cords to TaperMore Cords to Taper (excuse the turned up cuffs)

Not only will I be getting my fall clothes ready, but I have also started the search for a few new fall/winter items. On my wish list is a heavy shawl collar cardigan, a heathered pink Shetland, and a heavier flannel blazer all patch and flap pockets. I will probably wonder what I was thinking when I wrote this post next week when the weather is again unbearably hot and humid. However, I think that this drop in temperature is a friendly reminder of what will come. This time I hope to be prepared.


oxford cloth button down
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