Striped Tweed Challenge

I think that I owe someone an apology. Christian at Ivy Style posted an ode to the vertical striped jackets (see here) a while back and I remember saying something like, “Maybe I do have some youth left in me, because I think that they look dated (vertical striped jackets). That is not to say that I have not seen one worn well, but I do not think that it is easy look pull off.” Not too long after that guess what happened? Guilty. I ran into two vintage vertical striped tweed jackets that I could not pass up. Time to face my own challenge. Can I pull them off?

The first of the two tweeds is a Deansgate made for the Crimson shop. It is grey herringbone with subtle green and blue stripes. The muted colors lends a solemn quality to the jacket which I like very much. It also features the always cool throat latch. I have worn this jacket exactly as I would a a solid grey herringbone sport coat with good results. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite sport coats.

Grey Striped Tweed
Grey tweed, yellow tie, and university striped shirt

Yellow tie and Striped Grey Tweed

Greet tie and Grey Tweed

The second tweed is very bold. It is a brown/tan herringbone with orange, brown and light blue stripes. While I have not yet determined the maker I can say that the shoulders are wonderfully soft and it fits me really well. I think that because of the great fit I was able to wear this jacket with confidence. I paired it with a pair of golden brown cords on the first wear and British khaki chinos the second. I prefer the chinos look of the two, but I will definitely pair them with the cords again. Perhaps this will be my excuse to purchase some tan corduroys. Even though this jacket is louder than the jackets that I typically wear I think that it will serve me well.Stripe Brown Tweed and Cords
Brown Tweed and Green Rep TieBrown Striped Tweed and tan chinos

Orange Paisley Tie and Brown Tweed

It turns out that I don’t think that vertical striped tweed jackets look dated and it is not that hard to pull them off either. I say this, because I think that I pulled them off and if I can do it anyone can. The second tweed was much more challenging to coordinate with, but even with its bold stripes I never felt that it looked outdated. In the end I was wrong…again. Christian you were right. vertical striped sport coats are cool. Live and learn.



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3 Comments on "Striped Tweed Challenge"

  1. Richard E. Press says:

    J. Press tweeds featured during the heyday were an even mix of herringbones, glens and verticals.

  2. Chens says:

    Looks good, Jerrod, and I don’t understand why you thought there would be some pull-it-off challenge.

    BTW, that guy above isn’t me.

  3. oxford cloth button down says:

    Chens – Thanks! I guess I thought that the second tweed might look too vintage and come off costume-ish.

    Mr.Press – Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

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