Wittenberg University 1963 & 1965

It is time for another installment of pictures from vintage Wittenberg University yearbooks. It has been very cold out this weekend which made spending a few hours in the library with a cup of coffee even more appealing. Flipping through these old yearbooks always invokes a feeling of nostalgia in me for a time that I never lived. While I would never want to return to these times I do romanticize the days when men took more pride in their appearance, when everyday life was deserving of a tie and jacket, and when youth chased adulthood and not the other way around (I did include some college shenanigans to balance it out!). In order to provide plenty of eye candy for my readers (and food for Tumblr) during this holiday week I have combined pictures from both 1963 & 1965’s yearbooks. Enjoy!

Witt Faculty Color 1963-65

Sport Coats 1963-65

Wittenberg Track Coach 1963Witt Students #1


Witt Faculty 1963-65 #9Witt 1963Cord Sport Cut 1963-65

Man in suit 1963

Tennis Player 1963Intramurals 1963

Witt Student 1963-65 #5Witt Student 1963-65 #3Witt Faculty #7Frisby 1963-65Witt Faculty 1963-65 #7 CoachWitt Student CoupleCoat and Tie

Witt Faculty 1963-65 #6_Intramurals 1963-65 #2Witt Faculty #2Bug JokesWitt Student 1963-65 #4Witt Student 1963-65 #10Witt Faculty #3

Moving in 1963Witt Students #3Pep band

oxford cloth button down
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