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I am not generally one that likes to participate in “spirit days” like wear a hat to work, support your favorite team or other themed days. This often leads to me being labeled a no-fun-wet-blanket kind of guy which is not true. I am just shy. This year my work had a Christmas party with a tackily festive dress code which included ugly Xmas sweaters. I thought that it was time for me to push my nerves aside and participate.Xmas Party Cords

I immediately started to think about what I would wear. If you have ready my blog before I think it is apparent that I am anything, but over the top. This meant that I was going to need to purchase something for my party.  My first thought was a sweater, because well, I really like sweaters. The internet determined my search for an “ugly” sweater that I would actually like (I was looking for something with reindeer?) to be fruitless. It looked like trousers would have to be how I put the fun into my holiday rig.

The trouser options were clear to me. It was either festive cords or wool tartan trousers. I will be honest. I would like to own both, but spending money on something that I would  rarely get to wear has proved to be enough to keep me away this long. After thinking it over I decided to go with cords. They would be cheaper, but more importantly I thought that they would fit in better at the party and after all that was the whole purpose of this purchase.
Castaway Clothing Santa Cords
Castaway Clothing Santa Emroidered Beachcomer Cords -$158
oconnells santa cordsO’Connell’s Snowmen Embroidered Wide Wale Cords – $175

The next question was embroidered or plain? I was leaning towards Christmas embroidered cords as I was sure that these would do the trick. I was going back and forth in between a pair or red cords from Castaway Clothing with red Santas or a pair red wide wale cords with snowmen from O’Connell’s (Check our there awesome “Grinch” twills!). I was leaning towards the O’Connell’s cords because of the width of the wale until I saw a pair of red cords at Lands’ End on sale for $15. This made the decision very easy.

Christmas Party CordsChristmas Party Cords

I pulled the trigger on the red cords from Lands’ End. I knew that I could pair them would pair my green Rugby sweater and planned to buy some Christmas socks to create a look that should be tacky enough to pass muster. On the day of the party felt a little self-conscious when I left my house about wearing what to me felt like a very flamboyant outfit. To my surprise my red cords flew under the radar during my morning errands and received a few kind words at the party. This was $15 well spent and as it would turn out the socks were the biggest hit.

oxford cloth button down
Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

6 Comments on "The Office Christmas Party Post"

  1. Bill says:

    My compliments for giving us the rationale for your choices. Making choices based on your personality, price points, and frequency of use is wise. You are the only menswear blogger I know who regularly tells readers about his decision processes. Glad you do!

  2. Herr Doktor says:

    Nice choices. What about Tartan trousers, OCBD, Black knit tie and Navy Blazer? Just a thought.

  3. oxford cloth button down says:

    Bill – Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate that you notice that I try to include rationale and it is even better that your find it interesting!

    Herr Doktor – Thank you. The outfit that you described would be my preferred holiday outfit, but I thought that it would be too sophisticated and not tacky enough for this occasion.

  4. Good to see you letting your hair down Jerrod. Life is too short. Regards, Andy.

  5. Andreas says:

    Love the pants! Read you like Lands End tailored fit chinos and thinking of buying one pair myself. Having some difficulties with the legs though, and since I live in Sweden I would like the order to be right from the beginning. What lenght do you order and how long are you?

  6. oxford cloth button down says:

    Andy – Thanks, I am trying.

    Andreas – Based on my latest experience I would order true to size. However, based on my historic experience with LE model styles change regularly. Styles vary season to season. True to size will save you from having to return if they are too short. I imagine hemming is cheaper than shipping. I hope they workout!

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