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I came home to find a package from Tom Nascone at Ivy Inspired waiting for me at my door. I eagerly opened the box to find three handsome bow ties. I had sent Tom three ties that were a bit too wide for me to convert into bow ties and I was excited to see how they came out. I was not disappointed!

Batwing Bow Tie

This all came about by way of a bad purchase. During one of my many Saturday morning thrifts I found a vintage Brooks Brothers grey herringbone sport coat with all the trimmings. After a few failed attempts to convince myself that this jacket fit me I finally gave in and admitted that it was just too small. It was a great jacket and I wanted it to go to someone who would appreciate it. I tried to think who it might fit. The answer was Tom. After a quick email exchange a deal was struck. Tom would get the jacket and in exchange he would convert a few ties to bow ties for me.
Butterfly Bow Tie
This was the perfect trade for me as I have accumulated quite a few ties that are in need of alterations. I rarely buy ties that are over 3.25 inches, but sometimes a tie is just too good to pass up. Due to this I have about 10 ties that are too wide and need to be narrowed (I had them all in box ready to go to Tiecrafters). I want to learn how to alter ties myself as this would be an invaluable skill to have, but I do not want to ruin these great ties learning. I picked three ties out of  the box that I thought would make better bow ties than long ties, chose a different bow style for each, and sent them off to Tom.

Diamond Point Bow tieI am not a bow tie guy. In fact, I have only worn a bow tie once in my life and I want to change that, but I also want to avoid being labeled the bow tie guy. My plan is to mix a bow tie into my rotation once a month. This should break the ice and get people used to seeing me in a bow tie, but not only a bow tie. Tom did a great job on this project and I would encourage anyone that is in need of a bow tie or pocket square to check out his Ivy Inspired store. They are an excellent deal offered by a fine young man.

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8 Comments on "Tying One On with Ivy Inspired"

  1. Looking very dapper Jerrod. You should update your blog more, always a pleasure to read!!!

  2. Fading Fast says:

    Enjoyable post. All three look great, but I’ve become a fan over time of the first and third styles the most. I love the narrow – Paul Newman in the 1960s – of the first one and the diamond asymmetry of the third one.

  3. Erik says:

    Those look great! Unfortunately, I’m too much of a coward to try the bow tie.

  4. @ Erik. If you visit our forum our members would be more than happy giving you tips on wearing bowties. Just google Ask Andy. Also, I have a chapter in my Encyclopedia specifically on how to wear bowties. Best of luck! Regards, Andy.

  5. Jed Wall says:

    I had no idea that Tiecrafters existed. Thanks for sharing this and I greatly enjoy reading your blog!

  6. oxford cloth button down says:

    Andy – I will work on it! Thanks, I love your site. It has been instrumental to my sartorial growth.

    Fading Fast – I agree. The first is my favorite as well.

    Jed – Glad that I could be of help :)

  7. Curt says:

    Don’t worry about the bow tie thing too much. The thing is to:
    1. learn how to tie one so it’s never perfect (make sure they know you tied it that way)
    2. wear it like you’re supposed to be wearing it, and that you don’t care what anyone thinks of you wearing it. And, if you do care what anyone thinks about you wearing a bow tie, don’t wear it.

    I found that I prefer them over long ties.

  8. Jon says:

    Thought this might interest you in your search for chinos with a high rise…

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