A (Calendar) Year in Japanese Trad

I have mentioned that I enjoy illustrations in the past (Art, Ads, and Classic Style). I may have not mentioned that I am especially interested in Japanese illustrations of Trad/ Ivy/ Preppy Americans. These illustrations can range from extremely accurate with all the right details to caricatures sporting outlandish looks.

Here I present illustrations by Hiroshi Watatani from the 10th anniversary calendar for the Japanese trad brand Select Store Septis. Not only do these illustrations focus on American style and culture, but they even pay tribute to the American illustration styles such as the ones that can be found in the artwork from the Saturday Evening Post.

There is something extremely interesting about viewing something that I am very familiar with through the lense of a foreign culture. It may not be that different from how older gentlemen today view the younger generation’s take on the classics. In both instances it is sometimes done very well and at other times it seems as if it were lost in translation.
10th anniversaryJanuary - Sierra DesignsMCGregor - FebruaryFelco - MarchSperry - AprilTailgate - MayJune

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  1. Andrew says:

    It is interesting that the dog breed in all these is a Golden Retriever, a popular all-American breed in numbers, but not generally the most preppy. I always think that Terriers, all with roots in the British Isles, are most prep, especially Scottish, Irish, Wire and Smooth Fox, Airedale, Welsh, Lakeland, Skye, Sealyham, Dandie Dinmont, but also the 20th century terriers Norwich, Norfolk, Parson Russell, and even Glen of Imaal. The next most prep are what the English call gun dogs, and we Americans call sporting breeds: the Spaniels, Retrievers, and Pointers. Goldens are a great breed but they are too common to be preppy. At least that is my take.

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