Bills’ Two Button Sack in Harris Tweed

Bills Khakis’ latest offerings include the rare triple patch pocket sack sport coat in Harris Tweed. What makes this jacket even more unique than all the other 3 patch pocket sposrt coats our there is that this is a 2-button sack. This is not an unheard configuration (It is actually a feature that is synonymous with the Andover Shop), but is less common that the 3/2 sack if that tells you anything.

This jacket comes in at just under $1,000 and is offered in two different Harris Tweeds. While not cheap the price is in line with competitors offering Harris Tweed (these are probably from Southwick) in a sack cut. I was encouraged when I saw these jackets. It gives me hope that the sack jacket will be around as long as I am. Take a closer look here:
Bills Brown Check 2 button sackBills Herringbone 2 button tweed sack

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10 Comments on "Bills’ Two Button Sack in Harris Tweed"

  1. Sharp! I like it a lot.

    Best Regards,

    Heinz-Ulrich von B.

  2. Conifer says:

    I love the look of Harris Tweed, but it is generally too heavy here in the SF Bay Area where the weather is not cold even in winter. On the east coast, it is too hot indoors. They need to make a lighter weight. It probably works well in Scotland, especially where they have only “background” heat indoors.

    • Fading Fast says:

      To Conifer’s point: at least make them unlined or half-lined to reduce the indoor overheating factor. I passed on a Ralph Lauren unlined herringbone tweed a few seasons ago because of price, but I was stunned to see that they had made it unlined. I am still kicking myself for passing it up. Without the lining, it was lighter in weight and definitely “breathed” more. Perfect for getting the tweed look without all the weight.

  3. Woofboxer says:

    I’m with Conifer on this, a lighter tweed would be better. I guess for marketing purposes the magical words ‘Harris Tweed’ have a cachet with the general population, but actually air conditioned offices, cars, public transport, shopping centres etc have rendered it largely obsolescent as an everyday fabric. Most of the time heavy tweed is far too warm in the UK climate, unless you are out for a walk on a crisp winter day. It’s a nice jacket though.

  4. Sandalwood says:

    Lighter weight Harris Tweed is indeed produced, I have one I had picked up a couple years ago from a vintage online retailer. That said, tweed is inherently a fall/winter/early spring fabric.

    I tend to wear my Harris Tweed jackets as an alternative to a “normal” jacket in fall, and have no fear of removing it if I find myself indoors and am too warm. I find tweed and wool breathe well, and rarely find myself uncomfortable in it.

    These jackets look wonderful, and I’m a fan of Bill’s, but would wait to see if one becomes available at one of the end of season sales rather than pay full price. I’ve also not been a particular fan of their alpha sized jackets which have never fit me well. I have a number of very good Bill’s limited edition items I got for substantial discounts at end of season; their standard pricing is very high but becomes competitive on clearance.


  5. Fading Fast says:

    Just checked them out on Bill’s site. While I agree they both look nice and I’m glad they went with a traditional (albeit, 2 button) sack style, it drives me crazy when a company doesn’t make a long and short size as well.

    It says to me that the company doesn’t really care if the jacket fits its customer as, based on the ratio I see on racks in clothing stores, about 40%-50% of the population wears a long or short size sport coat. I get that it is expensive to make more sizes, but otherwise, you are either ignoring a large number of your customers or you are saying I don’t care how my clothes look on my clients just as long as they buy them.

  6. fxh says:

    I agree that tweed is usually too warm in places like here in Australia.but I still have 7 tweed sport jackets. 3 of them sacks. I tend to treat them like say a peacoat, and wear them on the commute and dress on the understanding I’ll be jacketless inside.

    Oxxy, are the other Bill’s jackets are dartless sacks??

  7. oxford cloth button down says:

    I agree that HT can be hot in the modern office, but I have other HT jackets that I wear a lot so it must not be a huge issue for me. Though I think they are half lined.

    FXH – There is a triple patch pocket chamois blazer($695) which would make a great replacement for my vintage Brooks Brothers wash & wear blazer.

  8. J.I. Rodale says:

    A sack cut jacket hangs straight.
    Neither of those jackets does.

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