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I have been critical of Lands’ End in the past primarily because of issues related to consistency (The Land Ends Ahead), but they do some things well and one of those things is ties. Outside of thrift stores Lands’ End is always one of the first places that I suggest to a young trad looking to build a tie collection. They have very fair prices, a 30% off sale is always just around the corner, and their selection consists of regimental stripes, neats, knits, emblematics, as well all other trad staples.

This fall’s lineup is no different. In addition to their standard selection of wide stripes Lands’ End is offering a great Lord Taveners regimental stripe that I passed up at J.Press (3 stripes of Equality), an emblematic pheasant tie in deep olive, and a very attractive flower neat in wool. Whether you are trying to cover the basics or just looking to add a something new to the collection Lands’ End is worth a visit.
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4 Comments on "More Tie Talk: Lands’ End"

  1. NCTrad says:

    Thanks for the reminder of LandsEnd as a good source for ties. They look nice and the price is right when on sale. However, the collars shown in the pictures are another story. I am sure you agree!

  2. HerrDavid says:

    Not bad! And to my surprise, the regimentals are made-in-USA.

  3. hardline_42 says:

    I can’t say enough good things about their silk knit ties. Made in Italy out of crunchy silk in a hefty weight and real-tie width (~3.25″ IIRC). I’m going to have to give their regimentals a try.

  4. oxford cloth button down says:

    I forgot to mention the part about made in USA and the 3.25″ width. Both are big pluses in my book. And yes, those collars are awful.

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