The Lowering of the Madras Flag


As Labor Day has passes many men are partaking in the ritual of putting away their white bucks and seersucker. One man has his own end of summer ceremony. On Memorial Day he (,and now his son) hoist the Madras flag and on Labor Day the flag is lowered. Yesterday the flag lowered.
Madras Flag
Madras Flag Down

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3 Comments on "The Lowering of the Madras Flag"

  1. hardline_42 says:

    Ha! Brian (vwguy) and his madras flag are practically an institution on the AAAC trad forum. I look forward to the ceremony every year.

  2. Woofboxer says:

    I feel rather concerned about this item. Next week I’m visiting Washington DC from the UK and, having seen that the temperature is forecast to be in the 80s, I’ve packed a couple of madras shirts and a seersucker jacket. Am I going to find myself being refused entry to restaurants and getting heckled in the streets by trads?

  3. oxford cloth button down says:

    Hardline – Good to see you around!

    Woofboxer – The madras is fine. I would not opt for seersucker, but I am sure that you won’t be refused entry or heckled on the streets by trads. That would only happen in a perfect world šŸ˜‰

    Honestly, I doubt anyone even notices and knowing you I am sure that you will be far better dressed than most.

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