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If you are a regular reader of Oxford Cloth Button Down I am sure that you are wondering why I am talking about Bass right now. You are probably thinking, “What happened to the Allen Edmonds Cavanaughs?” after my “There’s a new loafer in town” post.Vintage Bass Ad

Sadly the Allen Edmonds Cavanaugh Penny Loafers did not work out for me. It is not that I did not like them. They are a great looking shoe and I wanted to keep them, but they just didn’t fit (too narrow in the forefoot and too wide in the heel). After trying three different sizes I called it a day. It wasn’t meant to be (, but don’t worry I am still on the hunt for a nicer loafer).

This concession of defeat left me with an immediate void to fill. My current pairs of Weejuns are now well over 4 years old and as a result they are beginning to show their age. I needed to get another pair of loafers in the mix quickly. This loafer needs to fit, be versatile, and be available now. The only shoe that I knew that could count on is the Weejun.

I remember Billax commenting on the Cavanaugh post and saying that he will always have a pair of Weejuns in his closet. I have to say that I am in the same boat even though I know that the quality of shoe leaves a lot to desired. However, the near perfect design combined with the fact that they fit me like a glove allow me easily overlook all of their shortcomings. Until I find a higher quality loafer that fits me well I am still all about that bass.

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17 Comments on "All About That Bass"

  1. Daniel says:

    Though they’re pretty expensive, have you looked into trying the Alden LHS? If so, what were your thoughts?

  2. steve says:

    @OCBD: What size do you wear? I have a pair of 10-Ds that are just slightly too small for me. I need a 10.5; will give them to you if you pay for shipping.

  3. oxford cloth button down says:

    Daniel – I am interested in the LHS, but that $500+ price tag does sting. I was also quick to dismiss the AE Patriots, but will be giving them a try as well. Rancourt is back in the picture, too.

    Steve – Thanks, I truly appreciate it! Unfortunately, I am a size 8.

  4. Old Trad says:

    I have been more than pleased with the loafers from L.L. Bean:
    the Bass loafers from Lands’ End:

  5. hardline_42 says:

    Ox, if you had been an 8.5D, I would’ve suggested a pair of Camerons from the AE shoebank. They’re on closeout for $79 and they’re my favorite penny. With regard to fit, loafers are one of those things where I’m willing to take what I get knowing that they’ll eventually fit. No loafer I’ve ever bought has fit me ideally off the rack. Those that were most comfortable ended up being too loose in short order. Now, I buy them tight in the instep and suffer for a bit knowing that they’ll eventually fit like a glove.

  6. Fred Johnson says:

    Which model Weejun did you decide to get? I too always keep a pair around.

  7. Eric says:

    I’m curious. It sounds like you’re looking for a premium-quality replacement for the Weejuns. If that’s the case, have you already ruled out the Fenmore Weejuns?

    I have no experience with them, but I assumed they were the same Weejuns you seem to love, only made with better methods and using better materials.

  8. Farrah says:

    In middle and high school I wore Bass weejuns, but because of ankle surgery cannot wear them any longer. However, even though I am a girl, I would continue with Bass if I could. Great shoe.

  9. oxford cloth button down says:

    Eric – Thanks. They would definitely be on my list, but I don’t care for the beef roll. I bet they are nice though!

    Fred – I grabbed a pair of Wilton’s in brown. The last time I bought a pair I thought that they were called Logans. At least it still looks like the same old weejun.

    Hardline – I have been watching for a pair of Camerons since the first time you mentioned them. I am doing my best to balance fit vs future fit.

    Old Trad – Thanks. I am glad to hear that they have worn well.

  10. LongTall says:

    I was in the same situation as you a few months ago. I have some 3 yr old brown unlined Wiltons that are the most comfortable shoes I own, but were looking a little haggard for wear. I tried the Patriots on sale, but it is not a comfortable shoe. I ultimately went with the classic penny from Brooks Brothers (the $248 one, not the cheaper version) because I wanted the classic weejun shape in Burgundy calfskin without the plastic look. Even at full price (I got mine 40% off) they were the only option in the sub $300 price range that fit my specs. The Cavanaugh came out later, but I don’t think it’s offered in burgundy. Anyway, it’s a good shoe that has proven well made and comfortable after 6 months of twice-weekly wear. A couple of other points: it is made in El Salvador, lined, runs tts, and comes out of the box looking a little reddish and dull. I don’t think that they apply much finish to the shoe at the factory, so a couple of layers of polish are needed to bring it to life. I’d be happy to send pics of them next to my weejuns if interested.

  11. Michael says:

    I too have only found one loafer that fits well and it is indeed the Weejun. I recently bought the Wilton in brown when they were having a sale, making it $70 total out the door including shipping. The only thing I dislike about the wilton is the paper thin sole. I like the sole on the Logan much better (I have a pair of logans in burgundy). My ideal loafer would be the Logan in shell, size 9.5D.

  12. Moss says:

    You probably already know this but HTJ has returned on Tumblr. Merry Christmas!

  13. Don says:

    I’ve had the same problem with AE loafers–too tight up front, too loose in back. I had the same problem with a pair of BB black shell low-vamp loafers. It almost broke my heart to give them away.
    My Alden LHS shoes are just now starting to fit very well-after many wearings.

    I’ve found loafers for me to be quite tricky, maybe because of my high arch. I’ve just about sworn them off entirely.

  14. Hollywood Argyle says:


    I looked at the Brooks Brothers penny loafers you mentioned, and I thought the “burgundy” was awfully brown. What color were yours when you got them?

  15. NCTrad says:

    I have worn Weejuns since the 1970’s and have a pair in the current rotation. Two years ago I splurged on my first pair of Alden LHS (calf not shell) and couldn’t be happier. They will last forever. They are what you need!

  16. LongTall says:


    They were a reddish brown, more brown than red. After just relooking at them, they do indeed look a little browner than my other burgundy shoes. I would still classify them as burgundy, but I have been agressively polishing them with burgundy polish to build up the finish. It’s probably a color that can go either way since the shoes come with virtually no finish as far as I can tell. If you started with brown polish they would likely turn a nice brown color. I may try that next time with my next pair since at $150 on sale they are my new go to daily loafers.

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