Four to the Three Roll from RRL

Ivy Style’s recent post (See here) on the ivy-ish offerings currently available from everyone’s favorite uncle reminded me to write about the four-button jackets that I saw being sold at RRL. The first time that I saw a 4/3 roll jacket in an ivy setting it was being offered by York Street and I thought it looked odd (, but in all fairness many things at York Street look odd.). I mentioned it on Ivy Style only to later find out (from Ivy Style) that J.Press offered the 4/3 roll back in the 1950’s as pictured below.
Vintage jpress 4/3Just like the sport coats in the Ivy Style post these jackets are not pure Ivy either, but they are interesting. All of these jackets are inspired by the early 20th century which is no doubt why they have some ivyness in them. 2 of the 3 four-button sport coats currently on the site (there was a cord sport coat that I was interested in that is now gone) are dartless and the linen jacket (1st image) has quite the lapel roll. The downside is that some are very shaped, have ticket pockets, and are overall more English than ivy. The most interesting detail to note is the wider lapels.
RRL Four-Button WindowpaneThe most trad of the bunch is the plaid sport coat (below). Sporting 3 patch and two flap pockets this four-button sack is the definition of casual. Unfortunately, it is only available in alpha sizing, but it was designed as outerwear.
4button SCI was pleasantly surprised to see this type of tailored being offered by RRL. I have little experience with the brand. Previously I had only associated RRL with $1000 plus cardigans featuring Native American inspired designs. While they still carry plenty of the Southwestern influenced items knowing that they occasionally cross into areas of my interest I will be checking back with them from time to time.

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8 Comments on "Four to the Three Roll from RRL"

  1. Joel says:

    While it is not exactly relevant to this post, I am wondering what you think is reasonable when it comes to pricing for different items, how much is too much?

  2. oxford cloth button down says:

    Joel – That is really hard to answer. It all comes down to how much you have and how much of that you are willing to part with. I will say that for the most part I do not get sticker shock even though I know that I may never be able to afford an item. However, if I could consistently find 3/2 sack sport coats and blazers for $500 I would be a very happy man!

  3. Charlottesville says:

    Sales at J. Press sometimes get down well below $500 for a sport coat. After Christmas, the store-wide sale should have some good prices across the board, but even now there are 3/2 sack coats for 40% off. They are out of season, but a good deal if they have your size. The in-store sales are nice because you can actually try things on and get alterations, but if you know your size, the on-line prices are pretty tempting. Not sure when the new NY store is expected, but the Washington, DC store is usually well stocked. The NY Polo Shop also typically has very good sales, but the amount of stock varies significantly from year to year. Even though the prices start quite high, in January I have gotten suits for half price or even less. Worth checking out if you are in the area.

  4. oxford cloth button down says:

    Charlottesville – Thanks for the comment. You provide some sound advice.

    I think that I would do a lot better if I had physical stores in my area, but living in the Ohio I am pretty internet dependent. I am also a 36S to a 38R depending on the maker and these sizes seem to have limited availability. I was waiting on a great tweed over at Brooks Brothers, but my size was gone before the sale.

  5. Charlottesville says:

    OCBD — As to sizes, I have the opposite problem. While I try to make it to Washington and Manhattan a couple of times a year, I am generally a 42 or 43 regular, depending on the cut, and it seems that my choices are often much depleted by the time the sales come around due to the popularity of my size. In your case, see if Ralph Lauren would be willing leave his personal clothing to you in his will. You are his size and I bet that would be quite a wardrobe! I have been trying to place your location from the backgrounds in your pictures, but so far had failed to connect it with Ohio. As a junior lawyer, I once briefly represented former Senator Glenn’s campaign committee, and I have made business trips to Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton (home of the delightfully old-school Pine Club, home of good drinks and great steaks), but have no other Ohio memories that I recall. Cleveland was quite the city when I was there, but it has been a few years.

  6. oxford cloth button down says:

    Charlottesville – Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I think the smaller sizes go quickly because they only produce a handful. I live in between Columbus and Dayton (Yes the Pine Club!). My city peaked early in the 19th century. In terms of OtR clothing I would have to venture to Cincinnati or Cleveland and I am still not sure that a trip would be time well spent. Sadly, Columbus doesn’t have much to offer either. I guess I will just have to work on your other idea 😉 Uncle Ralph’s wardrobe would be quite the wardrobe to have!

  7. Charlottesville says:

    Joel and OCBD — If you are interested in a 3/2 sack suit or sport coat, J. Press is having its 40% off sale, and it seems to cover most of their stock, including Harris tweeds, and they seem to have a fairly good mix of sizes. It is on their website, and is not to be missed if you are in the market. Happy 2015 to all!

  8. oxford cloth button down says:

    Charlottesville – Thanks for the heads up! Sadly, there was nothing in my size, but there were quite a few sport coats that I would have loved to buy at that price. Happy 2015!

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