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Last week I posted an image of my one of winter hats on Instagram (My Instagram). A (very cool) follower responded saying that they were unable to wear their rugby or scarf in the same color without someone referencing Harry Potter. I legitimately laughed out loud, because I have the same experience.
img_0544The hat in question is gold and burgundy…and very goofy looking, I know. It turns out that this is also the same color as Harry Potter’s Hogwarts House of Gryffindor or something like that. I will admit that I have seen the movie, but I did not retain much. It is also the colors of the 11th Hussars, the Washington Redskins, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. In a pre-Potter world I would used to get the Redskins association the most often.

Regardless of these associations I am still an advocate for wearing these colors. The Harry Potter link can even be to our benefit. I can vividly recall my co-worker telling me that he liked my Harry Potter socks. He knew that I did not know that they were Harry Potter socks, but he genuinely meant that he liked them. The same goes for the Redskins fan. In the end if it takes fantasy movies and/or sports to get people to enjoy regimental stripes I am all for it!

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6 Comments on "Harry Potter Trad"

  1. Patrick says:

    Checked out your instagram. The burgundy yellow socks are great. I have difficulty with knit hats, unless a single digit temp or raging blizzard demands one. And don’t know if the beard is a
    Movember thing or not. But you wear it well.

  2. Gryffindor says:

    I have a gold and burgundy striped tie, and got the same Harry Potter treatment a few months ago at Chipotle. The cashier was a big fan. I had the big glasses and navy blazer contributing as well, and got a free burrito out of it!

    On one hand it’s a little sad that people assume I’m doing some kind of cosplay when I wear a tie, but on the other… Well, free burrito, nice people, and I even like Harry Potter!

    Thanks for the fun blog.

  3. Paper Clip says:

    I like this combo, too, and see the HP reference. In my neck of the woods, those are Boston College colors. Although I went to UMass, I have a repp tie in maroon and gold which I like for fall. My wife is an Eagle, and she also likes it.

    Great local joke told by non-eagles: “Q. How do you know a guy went to BC? A. He tells you!”

    Can you provide any details on the socks? I like them.

  4. Roycru says:

    It’s even worse around here. When people see those colors, they ask if you went to USC.

    The only thing I have in those colors is a Gryffindor tie (which I wish was other colors). I have a Gryffindor tie because we had to wear something for Halloween where I worked, so every year I was (old) Harry Potter. (It was always interesting to see who came as Ginny Weasley.)

    My only mistake was the year I forgot to draw the scar on my forehead, so two of my coworkers drew it on for me. I didn’t notice they were using a red Sharpie.

  5. oxford cloth button down says:

    Paper Clip – Thanks for sharing! The socks are from Brooks Brothers. If you are looking for a pair now Smart Turnout (http://www.smartturnout.com/accessories/socks.html) is your best bet.

  6. Paper Clip says:

    Yikes! The Smart Turnout socks look nice, but $32!!!

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