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Olive Chinos and Tartan Shirt

It is no secret that I am a fan of green. In fact, I have 3 blog posts all about my love of green (Green Ties, Green Sweaters, and Green Cord Jacket). My affinity for green used to be mainly limited to ties, but that has all changed. Earlier this year I picked up a pair of green chinos from J.Crew and they have been in heavy rotation ever since.

The pants that I picked up were made for summer. First of all they are constructed out of a lightweight oxford cloth which is great in the heat. Second and what should have probably been first is the color. The green is sorta of an olive, but can appear brighter depending on the lighting. I have had success pairing them with a blue OCBD, blue sweatshirt, tartan shirt, patchwork madras, a white polo, and even my guilty pleasure grey t-shirts. Basically, they are very versatile.
Olive Chinos and Patchwork Madras
Olive Chinos & White SweatshirtNot only did I pick up these chinos to be worn in the summer, but I also selected them for casual wear. What this means to me is that I do not intend to wear them with my business casual rigs, ties, or even a tucked in shirt…most of the time. I mention this, because it played a large role in my fit selection. I generally wear J.Crew 1040 which is what their classic fit is now called, but because I knew that these were for play I went with the slimmer 770 fit. I like my casual clothes to be a little less full than work gear. I also sized up from a 29″ to a 30″ waist. In hindsight I may have been able to stick with my normal size, but I am happy with the fit.
Olive Chinos and Tartan Shirt
IMG_7882 99.99% of the time I am wearing a pair of Khaki chinos so it is good to be able to mix it up. Plus, I can’t tell you how many compliments I have received while wearing them. If you are considering a pair of green chinos I recommend sticking with olive or a close variation to convey the tradliness that you want. I love these chinos so much that I am already searching for another pair of olive chinos that I can wear when the weather turns cool!

oxford cloth button down
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13 Comments on "On the Green"

  1. Bluchermoc says:

    Olive green is always a solid choice! I’ve recently added a pair is shorts, cargo shorts and army fatigues to the casual mix. The cargos and the fatigues are really a change for me but I am very comfortable in them and they are a nice change of pace.

  2. Roger Russell says:

    I like green also. Please tuck your shirt in?

  3. Fred says:

    Agreed – those chinos look great.

  4. Fred says:

    BTW – one of my sources of inspiration is Prince William.

    I like his simple style – one that I emulate.

    I would describe my style as a combination of Prince William + Sid Mashburn + Take Ivy.

  5. This Summer I bought a pair of chinos in a very similar green and am very surprised at their versatility. Olive green and slightly bluer greens have now become my go to when not wearing jeans. I also own several pairs of chino shorts and the green are again extremely versatile. Green is a great colo, looks great on you

  6. Craig S says:

    I’m a big fan of green and olive – I have chinos in both a pale drab olive and recently picked up some in a darker, richer shade for fall/winter. I also have a dark olive-brown corduroy sport coat that has me looking forward to fall.

    I find olive trousers with burgundy loafers and a white OCBD to be a simple, yet somewhat striking combination; if that’s too dandyish, shoes in almost any shade of brown work well too.

    I also like hunter green as an accent colour with Navy, Brown and Khaki – a surcingle belt, a foulard tie, or a pair of solid green socks often make their way into an ensemble (though only one at a time).

  7. Alexander_F says:

    Olive chinos definitely aren’t for business, but they are just such a great option for one’s spare time. Once you wear them you will wonder how you could live without. At least that’s what I’ve experienced.

  8. Lennart says:

    Olive chinos are great. I have had them in the past but have none at the moment. Maybe I should go looking for a nice pair to wear in the autumn.

  9. August West says:

    Bahle’s currently has a Loden Shetland on sale for $86 shipped. A fantastic deal! https://www.bahles.net/shop.php?do=detail&item=11451

    MIne just arrived today, and the color is wonderful. I think I grabbed the last medium, looks like only xl and xxl left.

  10. August West says:

    Looks like there are also other shades of green on sale as well, with more sizes available. https://www.bahles.net/brand.php?brand_id=98&category=Men%27s+Sale+and+Clearance

  11. Richard says:

    What a great color. I too love green and recently bought a vintage herringbone Harris Tweed jacket and Lacoste polo in shades of green. It’s the perfect partner for all the blue in the trad wardrobe. Wear yours in good health.

  12. Tom says:

    Where did you get that shirt in picture 1?

  13. oxford cloth button down says:

    Tom – It a J.Press York St. patchwork madras. Hope that helps!

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