J.Crew’s new Old -School OCBD

New J.Crew OCBD

While J.Crew continues to drop off of everyone’s radar they decided to drop a new throwback OCBD. Leading with an unlined collar, smaller buttons, and box pleat J.Crew is playing up the 60’s Collegiate look (even though they mistakenly say late 60’s). This should be a good thing as it speaks directly to our interests, but the question on all of our minds is, will the shirt be anything special? Lucky for us the good crew over at PTO has reviewed the shirt for us.
J.Crew Unlined CollarToday, guys have more options for a decent oxford button-down shirt than they did a decade ago, but few seem to meet to the standard of casual American cool we associate with the design. And those that do are often expensive (Brooks Brothers now sells the basic oxford for $140) and/or otherwise not super accessible (Mercer is a favorite but it can take some communication to get what you want). So we were excited to see J. Crew touting a new OCBD, modeled on “hand-me-downs from long-shuttered men’s shops,” for a relatively reasonable $64.50. We like J. Crew overall, and J. Crew shirts have a rep for being decent but having wee collars.  So have they made a new contender for wallet-friendly oxford?

Overall, I’d put the new J. Crew oxford in the same category as, say, Ralph Lauren oxfords. It doesn’t have the pedigree or details of the old school makers, but it’s also <$100, which they no longer are. The marketing copy may have been a little overstated, but the shirt is fine. J. Crew has the advantage of being broadly available, so trying one on in store to see if it’s right for you will be easy for most Americans, versus something like Kamakura, which I would say is overall a better buy, from a value and styling perspective.

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10 Comments on "J.Crew’s new Old -School OCBD"

  1. JoelVau says:

    It looks great. Collar a tad small perhaps but that is a matter of taste. The pocket seam is a triangle not straight across, which is a sign of a quality shirt. Many left that long ago, including Banks and even Brooks for the most part. But if this comes in a slim choice it is hardly a throwback.

  2. JoelVau says:

    Also, PTO mentioned Ralph Lauren OCBDs. I don’t understand why they don’t get more cred on blogs like this. I have several and both the oxford and the pinnport are very nice, must iron, unlined collar, exact sleeve slize, etc. I do miss the pocket on the chest for a dress shirt, though. The collar is not as long as Brooks but for the price a very nice shirt. And the blue is a very nice blue. Love to get feedback on this.

  3. oxford cloth button down says:

    Joel – Thanks for the feedback! A for the Ralph Lauren shirts their signature Pony logo is the reason that they do not get much credit. It seems like a relatively small issue, but it is actually a big deal for many including myself.

    • JoelVau says:

      Yes, agree about the logo, but in a world of non-iron or $100+ must iron, they are not bad. Ahh, and If a gentleman keeps his jacket on, the logo is hidden.

  4. Grey Flannels says:

    The collar is the most important part of an OCBD shirt. If it’s too small, the other details really don’t matter.
    The collar of this shirt is too small, period.

  5. Roger Russell says:

    I am looking for a shirt for my 15 year old son and this may be an option. I plan on visiting a J Crew store to give it a look. The price is good and I can make it look nicer with an iron. The collar may not be perfect, but it appears improved. I think if it gets rejected by us it will be because of the slim cut. In my experience ,slim, in a J Crew dress shirt is not a working option. The arm holes tend to be too high and the shoulders are not full enough for comfort. I am hoping for fitted not skimpy.

  6. Lennart says:

    In general smaller collars here in Sweden, I think the shirt looks fine.

  7. Robert says:

    Follower here from London, UK. Are you all aware of Drakes’ button-down? Apologies if it has been discussed before on this blog, but I regard it as the final word in OCBD! There are options of regular and slim fit also. The collar roll is incredible – and the largest I’ve found. https://www.drakes.com/button-down-shirts/blue-oxford-regular-fit-shirt-with-button-down-collar-11157

    • Hollywood Argyle says:

      That’s a nice shirt, Robert! However, I can get something that is probably just as nice, made to my exact specifications, but considerably less from Michael Spencer or another custom shirtmaker. The Drake’s shirt is £125 (about $160), while my most recent shirts from Michael Spencer were $115 (about £89) on sale. (I will also note that Michael Spencer’s regular price—$135—is less than what Fratelli Brooks charges for their OCBD shirts.) Still, it’s good to know that you can get nice shirts from Drake’s (love their ties!).

  8. fred says:

    I’m not a big fan of the shorter collars. I think the taller collars offered by BB are more flattering.

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