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A few years back it seemed like every other week there was a new company peddling preppy and trad wears. That trend seems to have slowed to a trickle which is probably an indicator that the winds of fashion are changing. Nonetheless I have been noticing up and coming company that continues to drop some solid looking products. This company is Arnold Steiner.
Image of MULTIP STRIPE REPP - REDMy interest in Arnold Steiner all started with the tie pictured above. I saw this regimental tie on their IG account (Arnold Steiner Instagram) and my first thought was, “That is my kinda tie.” It had everything that I look for in a tie which is a color palette consisting of colors like, red, yellow, and green, but most importantly is a color contrast that pops. This tie has it all. The only downside for me is that it is a bit on the skinny side being all of 3″, but it will get worn with my slimmer lapels and I will also do my sweater & tie combo with it.
Image of VARSITY
Image of CAMPUS #5

Image of SKULLSArnold Steiner offers a few other cool looking products besides the tie. There are the JFK style socks that seem to be gaining in popularity at the moment. There are also a variety of striped socks. My favorite pair are the (of course) the sold out Campus #5. I have a pair with the same pattern from Rugby and they get worn on the regular. There are also some cool caps like the mallard or skull & bones for those of you like me who sport the occasional baseball cap.

When it comes to new companies most of the time I don’t know if I am ahead of the curve or struggling to keep up. Regardless, I like to keep my eyes peeled for new sources of clothes and when I find them share them with you all. I just ordered the tie in this post so lookout for the upcoming review!

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8 Comments on "New to Me: Arnold Steiner"

  1. Jonas says:

    Handsome tie, but 3″ as ‘skinny?’ I think I’ve seen narrower lobster bibs…

    • NCTrad says:

      A quick sample of O’Connell’s current offerings show ties at 3 1/2″. So these may be a bit skinny by trad standards.

  2. Alexander_F says:

    They really have some good pocket squares, and some nice socks. I wonder, though, wether 24 $ for white sports socks are really worth it.

  3. oxford cloth button down says:

    Alex F – I don’t know how I forgot to include their pocket squares! They are some great designs!

  4. Jim says:

    Some nice individual items, to be sure, but is that all there is? Unless the online catalog is selective, there’s not much to go on with these guys.

  5. Dutch Uncle says:


    “Pocket square”?
    Is that to tell ignorant consumers that they shouldn’t use silk handkechiefs to blow their nose?

  6. oxford cloth button down says:

    Jim -They are slowly adding to their product line. I think this is pretty typical for new companies ala Ralph Lauren ties.

  7. Hollywood Argyle says:

    “Silk” pocket squares? While I really like a couple of the designs, they’re polyester. I am unlikely to add polyester pocket squares to my collection, and even less likely to do so at those prices.

    On top of that, their socks are acrylic. I’d be far more inclined to buy something from them if they were made of natural fibers (I am tempted by the yellow tie, which is silk).

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