Blazer Chores

If my Modern Trad post (see here) inspired any of you to go out and start looking for a chore blazer I have some good news for you. J.Crew’s Wallace & Barnes line recently released a nice looking chore blazer with 3-button closure and triple patch pockets. The kicker is that they are offered in suit sizing all for $150 (see here).
Chore Blazer IvyI don’t know too much more about the blazers other than what I stated above. I also know nothing about J.Crew’s suit sizing. For instance, these jackets look like they are cut short. I wonder how much shorter they are than a standard jacket? Outside of the typical fit questions this blazer seems like a good way to test out if chore blazers and unstructured blazers such as a Vetra or Keydge are a good fit for you on the cheap.

I will close out this post with an excerpt from my previous post on chore blazers,

“If you are a young guy that wants to start a sport coat, but aren’t quite ready to go full on blue blazer and repp tie this could be a great place to start. At the same time if you are an old school die hard trad you may want to think about adding one of these to your closet and break it out on casual Friday, the weekend, or even on vacation. If you don’t fall into either of those categories like myself you may just want one and that’s okay too.”

oxford cloth button down
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7 Comments on "Blazer Chores"

  1. NCJack says:

    LLBean has similar, also suit sized, and in R/S/T. I have a couple of LLB travel coats (4 pocket, flapped& buttoned with interior security pockets) that are acceptable length

  2. .weston.pecos. says:

    Sneakers with neckties is a sloppy look. And, no belt. Nice…not. Dressing like a slob does not constitute “style” unless your chosen style is “I don’t really know how to put together an outfit with shirts, pants, etc.” If you are a cutting edge rock star I suppose you can get away with an outfit like is pictured, but only if you plan to limit yourself to hanging out with cutting edge rock stars. And, don’t even get me started on “blazer style” jackets that are not sportcoats or blazers. That look is just stupid. What comes next? Maybe the “blazer vest” or the revival of everyone wearing medical scrubs or maybe we glorify everyone suddenly wearing fake Tuxedo t-shirt? Can we pair the “blazer vest” with chinos with rolled up pants cuffs and call it “style”? I’m sure that somebody will.

  3. .weston.pecos. says:

    Those “chore jackets” remind me of an idea I’ve had for a while to start a trend just to see how quickly and completely one can get stupidity adopted as “style”: I could pay about 50 people in 10 major cities to walk around with down-coat style sleeves, just the sleeves, not the rest of the coat. The sleeves would be attached by leather or colorful nylon straps across the person’s back. Could have the people on the payroll walk around downtown in these selected major cities for 10 days in a row leading up to Thanksgiving, and anyone who asks them could be given a business card with the address of a website selling the sleeves, but the hired models would coyly tell the inquiring public that they can buy the same thing for less money on Amazon. Conveniently we would be selling the “garment” on Amazon as well as out website. 50 people per city, 10 cities, 10 days. I bet the “down sleeves” would be more popular that Christmas than this chore vest thing. It would be worth the money invested in the idea just for the laughs of seeing even one person actually buy the darn thing.

  4. Hunter Hartford. says:

    Do I really want to read a blog read by people who use words like “chill” and “dude”?

  5. Fred says:

    the jacket looks good on the model because it’s been tailored – i.e. arms have been narrowed.

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