Hits of the Summer

Summer is on its way out. It will be sad when we have to say goodbye to seersucker and shorts, but exciting to say hello to corduroy and tweed. In anticipation of the upcoming season I thought that I would take a moment to reflect on my favorite items from this summer.

Sperry Camp Mocs

1. Sperry Mocs (see original post)- Far and away these were the best purchase of the summer. I wore them 99% of the time. The fit was perfect. They are extremely comfortable. The only downsides are that the shape could be improved and the branding on the mid-sole could be removed. All in all an awesome moc.
White Sweatshirt in Summer

2. White Sweatshirt – My first white sweatshirt was far too heavy for the coolest summer evenings. My second attempt was a cobble-cloth-ish sweatshirt from Brooks Brothers Red Fleece line. It was the perfect weight and the cobble-cloth like finish differentiated from the typical sweatshirt. While my Sperry Mocs were my favorite item of the summer this sweatshirt was the people’s favorite. I cannot recall a time that I wore it and did not receive a compliment.

3. Lightweight Green Chinos – Last, but most certainly not least are a pair of lightweight chinos in oxford cloth from J.Crew (770 fit). These green trousers have already received some attention in my “On the Green” post, but they deserved another round of applause. It is not that often that my trad clothes are on-trend, but these pants helped to get me there and for that I am grateful.

Well there you have it. These three items were my most worn and most liked of the summer. What was your best purchase of the summer, this summer or any summer?


oxford cloth button down
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3 Comments on "Hits of the Summer"

  1. Richard says:

    The common theme here is practicality and versatility, both key elements of trad gear. You should do posts like this once a season.

    My nominee for MVP this summer would be my new cotton red and navy striped ribbon belt. I find outside of work I wear it 99% of the time and it works with everything less formal than a suit. It’s my first ribbon belt and I only wish I’d discovered these sooner.

  2. s. adams says:

    I’d have to second the green pants a great summer purchase. I bought a pair last summer and they’ve moved from a summer item to a year round wardrobe staple.

    My other MVP for summer would have to be one of those target popover shirts. I decided to try one out on a whim and like it so much I bought two more. they managed to keep me cool during the humid days of summer and looked so much better than the polo shirt I might usually wear.

  3. Fred says:

    There is tremendous value in buying most of your clothing through one company.

    I used to buy from over ten different companies (BB, Nordstrom, Boss, Polo, J Press, Michael Bastian etc.) and I was always frustrated trying to mix and match everything together.

    Now I mostly from BB. I noticed recently that everything looks great together.

    –> That’s because they work off a common BB color palette <–

    The blues, grays, reds, browns, olives, purples etc. all work together beautifully.

    I didn't appreciate this until I had well over 50 pieces of BB clothing.

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