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Dogs always find there way back home and J.Press’s Shaggy Dog is no different. Not only have the Shaggy Dogs returned, but J.Press’s website has also returned online after being down for the past week or so. No major shocks in terms of the new site, but it was nice to see them updating it as well as the return of a perennial classic.
J.Press Real Shaggy Dog201 7 Shaggy Dogs are back in a plethora of colors (J.Press Shaggy Dogs 2017). They are available in the core colors that I always recommend for sweaters including navy, charcoal, and wine. There are also a few seasonal colors like burnt amber and pine green. Black, one color that I have never seen before is also being offered. I found this interesting as black is usually relegated to knit ties and shoes in world of trad, but in all honesty maybe they have offered it before and I just mentally blocked it out.
J Press Shaggy Dog YDN 9 3 68
One of the most interesting aspects of its return is its pricing. While $245 is by no means inexpensive this is what they cost back in 2015. I remember because I did a post about the soaring cost of Shaggy Dogs. Maybe the Shetland market has plateaued?

When I first learned about trad style a Shaggy Dog was a serious desire for me. For those of you that are in that position today I thought that I would share what I have learned about these sweaters since my acquisition. From an older post,

If you do not have a Shaggy Dog let me warn you that they are very very warm. This can be a bad thing. For instance, it is a challenge to wear one in the office without immediately over heating, but this week it was a savior. With a cold spell keeping the temperatures in the single digits my Shaggy Dog helped keep me warm as I trekked from the parking lot to the office which was great. What was even better is that when I lost heat on Friday the Shaggy Dog allowed me to fend off the cold until the furnace was repaired Saturday evening. It is times like this when the Shaggy Dog really shines.


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3 Comments on "Shaggy’s back"

  1. Fred Johnson says:

    I believe it was in 1966 that I bought my first and last shaggy dog for $17. Wonderful sweaters in every way but $245 is not cost effective at my age.

  2. ChildDoc says:

    For reference, Bahle’s of Suttons Bay has some Harley of Scotland Shetland sweaters on sale for around $79.

  3. Paper Clip says:

    I agree on the “very warm” review – it is a big substantial sweater. I have one Shaggy Dog which I bought on a forum, and one I bought new from Andover Shop. They are the exact same sweater. The exact same maker’s tag is in both.

    I also have a shetland just in from O’Connells and a couple of older Brooks ones, which were made in Scotland. The Shaggy Dog/Andover sweaters seem twice as thick. I should get some good mileage out of the O’Connells’ one which I can layer under a tweed jacket.

    However, the Press one is way too expensive. Andover Shop sells its sweaters for $165.

    Caveat – It seems that Andover is out of many colors in Large.

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