New Spring Shetland

O'Connell's Green Moss Shetland

My new spring Shetland from O’Connell’s Clothing  has just arrived and I couldn’t be more excited, but I can already hear the questions. Questions like, “A Shetland in the spring? Why?” and “Isn’t it getting too warm for Shetlands?.” These are of course all great questions.

Light Green ShetlandIf you go back to my Shetlands as Outerwear post (see here) you will get a better understanding. I use Shetlands as outerwear quite often either on their own or paired with a down vest (one of my favorite looks). This is great for me when the day starts around 40-45 degrees. Even at 45-55 degrees I will use the Shetland as a jacket in the morning. Also, I live in Ohio and run cold so ymmv.
Shetland sweater with vestWhat I also mean by spring Shetland is color. Spring colors can range from pastels to bright pink, but to me the key is colors that are related to nature. The light blue Shetland that I used to favor in the spring has just got a hole in the elbow and I wanted something spring like to replace it until I got it repaired (elbow patches coming soon!). There are a few different places to get Shetlands, but I went to O’Connell’s as they have a solid selection and I wanted to throw my friends up in Buffalo some business.
O'Connell's Scottish Shetland Wool Sweater - LemonadeO'Connell's Scottish Shetland Wool Sweater - Kelly GreenO'Connell's Scottish Shetland Wool Sweater - Green MossIn the end I went with a Green Moss Shetland. In addition to the sweater I chose, Lemonade and Kelly Green were in the running. The reason that I did not go with the yellow sweater is that they did not have one in my size. As for the Kelly Green I knew it would not look as good as the softer green would even though I really really liked it. Last thing, I do recommend sizing up as O’Connell’s suggests or just giving them a call for measurements. Here is to warm weather!

oxford cloth button down
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7 Comments on "New Spring Shetland"

  1. Jeff says:

    Just curious where you get your elbow patches. I tried in the past but the ones I found were too stiff and didn’t look right when I sewed them on.

  2. Absolutely love the mossy green color of that sweater! Well-chosen. I might just have to get one in that color myself.

    Best Regards,

    Heinz-Ulrich von B.

  3. Caroline says:

    Love that shade, very versatile, green is under used

  4. Lennart says:

    Sweater & Down Vest, I like that look to and I wear it a lot, either lambswool or fleece on the sweater. This is a very early 80’s look that I used to wear back in those days and have picked up again since a few years.

  5. oxford cloth button down says:

    Jeff – I have never attempted to have elbow patches added. We will see how it goes!

  6. Richard says:

    Elbow patches would be a good subject for a blog post. I will soon need to patch a Shetland for the first time and would value some advice.

  7. Jon DiBenedetto says:

    Really nice color! I find evenings in CT are cool enough to wear Shetlands through May and sometimes even the first half of June nights. I saw some Shetlands on the Guideboat site that are described as light weight and good fo Spring. They don’t identify the maker but I think their Harley.

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