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I started off my return to the blog with some classic Ivy League style so it only makes sense that I stray from that path almost immediately. Not too long ago I grabbed a chamois shirt jac from J.Crew. I was looking for a way to mix up my casual Friday looks and I thought this worked well in a vintage-camping-hiking-kinda trad way.
Trad Shirt Jac I went with the J.Crew versions for a couple reasons. J.Crew fits me well, I liked the red color, and it looked well made. I had a chance to check this one out in store and it had a nice heavy feel. I was pleased that a size small would work well as outerwear without me having to size up. The red color will contrast well with what I wear most often a blue OCBD and khaki chinos.
J.Crew Shirt JacI have now worn this a few times. It works better over a shirt that is tucked in versus untucked. It received several compliments. The verdict is that people like it. I like it too.

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  1. Gamma68 says:

    Nice shirt jac and the red color is very versatile. It is reminiscent of the LLB chamois shirt–did you consider that brand? Also, what shoes are you wearing with this rig?

  2. Grey Flannels says:

    Very nice look.
    Reminds me of LL Bean’s “Chamois” shirts (Item: XQ187923).

  3. Grey Flannels says:

    Item No : 187923

  4. oxford cloth button down says:

    Thank Grey Flannels & Gamma!

    It is a chamois shirt. I had added that to the above. If LL Bean ever fit me right I would consider them for almost anything, but since they don’t I never even consider them. I find there stuff other than footwear to run a half-size large.

    Gamma – In the top pic I am wearing wallabees, but in the bottom pic where you can see my footwear I am wearing Bean Signature camp mocs.

  5. Grey Flannels says:

    You’re right about LL Bean stuff running a half- size large. That’s exactly the reason why I prefer LL Bean: I’ve found that other makers’ Medium is actually a Small + 1/2

  6. NCJack says:

    Had a tan LLBean chamois decades ago, that I used as a shirt-jac. Had the long tails cut and squared up, as I never tucked it. Great for cool days

  7. oxford cloth button down says:

    NCJack – Great idea! I might look into having that done.

  8. Hollywood Argyle says:

    The BSA makes a wool/poly blend shirt-jac (or is it jac-shirt?) in red. It has square bottoms.

  9. Daryl Muller says:

    Right before you posted this on Instagram I was given a Pendleton wool camp shirt in red with green and yellow window pane check. I loved the overall camp look and had an opportunity to draw inspiration from you at a 40th birthday party dinner that was “camping themed”. I wore mine with an Blue OCBD, bean Mocs (barrel knottes) and Levi 514 khaki twill jeans. It was wel received and appreciate the inspiration/push to run with it.

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