The Perfect Madras Popover


I just recently acquired the perfect madras popover. It is perfect to me for a reason that you might not suspect. Before you get too excited know it’s no longer available for purchase.
Madras PopoverLet me get right to the reason that I am so excited about this popover. It is the placket length. The placket (aka the fabric around the front buttons) of most popovers is about half the length of a regular button front shirt (and have 4 buttons). This is not bad a thing, but I had a madras popover about 20 years from Polo Ralph Lauren that had a shorter placket similar to a polo shirt (w/3 buttons like this one!). I loved this shirt and have been looking for another the last 2-3years. Fun fact. 20 years ago I didn’t know the shirt was called a popover I just assumed it was an interesting take on a polo shirt.
IMG_0803While the placket length makes it perfect the details definitely don’t hurt. The madras is genuine, the scale of the pattern is small and the colors are muted. The small scale and the muted colors are what’s important to me here as I know that’s what works well for me. The fact that the madras is genuine angle is simply icing on the cake.
You guys all know that I stay away from second hand clothing. It is time consuming to search for and returning it is either not possible or a hassle that I would prefer not take on, but when you win you can win big. This shirt may not push me to scour the internet for old PRL Rugby, but it may serve as a blueprint for more perfect popovers.

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Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

7 Comments on "The Perfect Madras Popover"

  1. Gamma68 says:

    Glad that popover worked out well for you. It looks fantastic.

  2. pat says:

    Nice shirt. Saw some popovers on J Crew site that looked good but as I am a little fuller.
    Would like to try them on.

  3. Robert Tower says:

    If it bleeds it leads! “Guaranteed to Bleed.” Is that a selling point or simply a warning to wash separately?

  4. Richard says:

    Nice find. Do popovers fit differently from other shirts the same size? I have avoided buying one over the Internet for that reason and I haven’t seen one in stores.

  5. oxford cloth button down says:

    Richard – I find that they are sized the same as other shirts, but I understand the hesitation.

    Robert Tower – The history of that tag is how they turned a potential problem into a selling point. People want the real stuff.

    Pat – I saw a few there, but I also saw a lot of stretch fabric unfortunately. Hopefully there are a few gems in there.

  6. Jon DiBenedetto says:

    I think I might have mentioned this last year: Guideboat again has bleeding madras long sleeve shirts. They might be cut a bit shorter than some here like tho. I keep meaning to email them for measurements.

  7. Like what your doing; your pics are very helpful toward helping me build my wardrobe. Recently retired from the military and office attire isn’t my strong point just yet.

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