New Tretorns Plus…

Tretorn Nylite Plus

I just scored a new pair of Tretorn Nylites. I went with the Nylite Plus’s as they have more padding…and were all I could really find. I also thought that I remembered reading that these were truer to the original than the previous model which you know that a trad loves to hear.
Tretorn NyliteYou might be wondering what happened to my old Nylites. Well let me tell you that not all things survive being washed on hot (aka they shrank), but I do still have them. Below you can see them (old-bottom) compared to the new pair (new-top). The new pair has a lot more padding (meaning some) around the ankle and even more support in the footbed than the old model. For someone like me who needs support in a sneaker this is great. The sole of this shoe does look a little larger (width) and it is by about 1/16 of an inch which I don’t love, but will probably quickly forget. I do think that the larger and more elongated logo on the old navy pair looks better. The old pair is also floppier, but we will see how the new model breaks in.

Tretorn preppySo truer to the original and more comfortable??? I am sold! Truth be told I have only worn them once, but they were comfortable straight out of the box. I have actually never had a pair of truly comfortable minimalist canvas sneakers so lets just say that I am thrilled. I imagine that they will get a lot of use this summer. Before I go I did find where I read about the Nylite Plus’s being truer to the originals. It was over at Sid Mashburn. I have included that below,

It’s the old-school Nylite we know and love — the ultimate icon of Swedish athletica — but better. And by “better,” we really mean “truer to the original.” Tretorn brought back the padding on the sides and footbed for a more comfortable tennis shoe… think more sneaker, less slipper. And the inside is designed specifically with a more sweat-resistant, light-pile, eco-friendly French terry, which is great to wear (you know it) sockless.

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5 Comments on "New Tretorns Plus…"

  1. Charles Gresham says:

    I was delighted to see Sid carries the Rod Laver Adidas tennis shoes. Loved those 35 years ago – had no idea they were still made.

  2. seb says:

    Got the same! they were on sale, 69$ can! Very comfortable and love the classic look.

  3. Romeo says:

    I have 3 pair, love them! Along with my old Stan Smith’s, the only sneakers I own.

    • Louis Capozzoli says:

      I’ll go with Stan Smiths 100%. Nice tight white leather, simple markings, and when they are worn in, nothing beats them with khaki shorts and a polo shirt.

  4. J Edwin says:

    REI Outfitters in Portland had Tretorns on their discount rack last year. I bought everything in my size, so I’m set for life (especially since, and don’t tell the Swedish, I prefer my K-Swiss).

    J E

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