John Simons Madras Popovers

I have been wearing my recently purchased Madras popover more than I care to admit (see below). Let’s just say that I wear it a lot. It is everything that I want in a summer shirt and now I want more. My search for another led me across the pond to John Simons(John Simons).
IMG_3345John Simons has been known in the Ivy Style circles for quite a while. While opinions on the shop very greatly I have zero. I am just looking for a nice Madras popover and that is what I found. I liked the patterns on the two shirts below as well as the fact that they have a flap pocket on the chest. This truly comes in handy for me when I am say out cycling providing a place to secure some cash or a single key. More than anything what I like about this shirt is the placket length which is nice and short (a personal preference).

Before I go let me tell you why I like a short-sleeve Madras popover so much. Madras can be hard to wear. It is loud and even though us trad and Ivy Style guys get it the general public does not always see the beauty in Madras. Short-sleeves seem to cut down on its overwhelmingness drawing less attention. The popover part makes it less ubiquitous than the common button-front shirts and a little more cool.

For those of you on this side on of the pond they do ship to the US and the total cost comes in at just under $100. For more on John Simons check out this post on Ivy Style about his documentary (see here).


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6 Comments on "John Simons Madras Popovers"

  1. Andarte says:

    What is the sizing like on these? These are great shirts!

  2. Woofboxer says:

    Looks great Ox, good colour matching with those shorts picking up the green in the pattern.

    @Andarte – there’s a bit of commentary on the sizing in this Talk Ivy thread:

  3. Ben Kennedy says:

    Interesting that one now has to go to the UK to find a quintessentially American shirt style–the popover. Of course, it was the Brits who introduced us to the cloth that they discovered in India.

  4. oxford cloth button down says:

    Ben – I am quite sure that you can find one stateside, but I liked the look of these a lot.

    Woof – Thank you for the kind words and the link.

    Andarte – Not sure…yet. Check out that link that Woofboxer provided.

  5. Andarte says:

    Thanks for the pointer Woofboxer!

  6. Andarte says:

    Measurement as sent by John Simons staff:

    Small Pit to pit 22”
    Medium pit to pit 23”

    Small Shoulder width 18.5”
    Medium shoulde width 19.5”

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