Did I just buy something from A&F?

First off, if you wondered where I went last week I was down and out with food poisoning or the stomach bug. Whatever it was. It was the worst. Second off (That is a joke!), the answer is yes, yes I did make a purchase from Abercrombie & Fitch.
A&F Chambray PopoveSo, what did I get??? More popovers of course! If you can’t tell from my last 3 posts I have been on a popover kick. There has been two main reasons for this. The first is that my office has not had AC for the last month so I have had to go casual everyday in order to properly layer for the inevitable afternoon heatwave. The problem was that I don’t have that many casual clothes hence the recent string of purchases. The second is that I like them, I think that they look cool, and there have been some good ones around lately.

I purchased three popovers in total primarily to get the deal they were offering. One in chambray, one in light denim for that late 70’s prep look, and a classic blue OCBD. I like the chambray one and the denim one a lot. The chambray’s fabric could be a little thinner and softer. The denim is way softer than I anticipated. Both fit true to size. The OCBD runs larger than the others. I will probably send that one back.
A&F Popovers Order

I can’t tell you that Abercrombie is returning to its roots and will be the place to go for ivy gear in the near future. What I can tell you is that a lot of there new offerings aren’t half bad and the sales are abundant. My hats off to Aaron Levine for what he is doing over there. Hopefully there is more cool to come. The good news for you all is that they still have a lot popovers left and they are all on sale! Check them out here.

oxford cloth button down
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14 Comments on "Did I just buy something from A&F?"

  1. LeeLo says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Just ran to the mall and bought the chambray popover. I agree the fabric is just a tiny bit heavy, but not uncomfortably so. I think it might soften up over time after a few washes. I was very surprised at how soft their ocbd’s are. They didn’t have any ocbd popovers in stock, otherwise I probably would have went with that one. Would like the linen version as well. Hopefully they will still have some online when Fall rolls around and they’ll be discounted even more!

  2. Tim says:

    Very interesting, what can you say about the fabric quality and construction?

  3. Andrew says:

    Did any of you get a chance to check out their regular OCBD’s? They look nice on the website.
    I might pop into my local store at some point, if I can get over my fear of being attacked by half-naked twentysomethings. On a serious note, how was your shopping experience?

    • LeeLo says:

      @Andrew – I saw them in the store but did not try it on. The oxford cloth is really soft and has a nice weight to it (not too heavy, not too light). The collars are short so I wouldn’t wear it with a tie, but worn casually I think it’s a decent option. I’m more of a Brooks Brothers guy when it comes to ocbd’s, but if you got A&F’s ocbd on sale I wouldn’t hold it against you. They seem like a serviceable shirt. My main motivation for trying A&F was the availability of the popovers. Popovers aren’t easy to come by at that price point, so I’m pretty glad Ox brought these to our attention.

      Re: the store itself – they got rid of the half-naked male models and loud music. The place still reeks of cologne though. And just like most stores in the mall, it will be run by teenagers and twenty-somethings.

  4. oxford cloth button down says:

    Andrew – I shopped online. I avoid malls like the plague.

    Tim – Chambray could be thinner and softer. Wish they had a back pleat. For $35 it is a great value.

  5. Andarte says:

    I too am a fan of the chambray popover, and surprisingly, A+F. It’s a decent place for solid basics like Ts and shorts, given how frequent and deep the sales are.

  6. .weston.pecos. says:

    Sorry, but you’ve gone off the deep end in a bad way lately. Your professional appearance is ruined.
    A grown man going to work in an office should have his shirt tucked in. To leave it out just looks sloppy and there is nothing stylish about being sloppy in a work environment.

    Popovers, tucked in or not, look stupid. Just because something can be made for sale does not mean you have to buy it. Those shirts look retarded.

    Back to tucking in your shirt: No one can take your opinions of style seriously if you go to work dressed like that (shirt untucked). You look like you are headed to a beach in that get-up and it does not look good on you. Some of your other readers should have told you all of this, but more importantly, you should have known all of this already.

  7. Fred Johnson says:

    How is the collar length, can’t tell from the photos.

  8. Jon DiBenedetto says:

    I love chambray but it’s a bit warm for me in late Spring/summer. I like old chambray work shirts for around the house and camping.. I think the fabric looks best thick so I can’t wear them this time of year comfortably. Those look great on you tho!

  9. oxford cloth button down says:

    Western Pecos – Thanks for the comment. Oh how I wish that I was back in my ties. I should have provided more context. 85% of the office is working remotely leaving 3-4 employees in the office. With temps ranging from 80s to hitting 100 shorts and even t-shirts have become the new norm until we move at the end of the month. However, if I am meeting a client please believe me that I am dressing appropriately and I can’t wait for it to be the new norm. Last, but not least I work for an advertising agency where the normal dress ranges from t-shirts, almost all untucked shirts, and a very few that dress somewhat like me.

    As for popovers, I am fan. Luckily there is plenty of room for disagreement!

  10. oxford cloth button down says:

    Tim & Fred – I haven’t measured but probably 3 inches and there is no glue. I actually don’t worry about collar length unless it is a shirt that I plan on wearing a tie with.

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