OCBD Wears Denim

Yep. You read that write. I have went where very few trads have gone and returned…denim.

All joking aside I haven’t worn any type of denim in a very long while (meaning years). I won’t even say that I missed them. I don’t find jeans nearly as comfortable or as versatile as chinos, but at the same time there are casual situations where they will come in handy. Don’t get too worried I didn’t go with blue.

wheat denim ivy styleI kicked off my return to denim with two pair of Levi 501s that I purchased at an outlet for around $40. I got one in white and one in wheat. I thought that these colors would be easier for me to work into my look than blue. I have posted about wheat jeans and there ivy roots before (wheat jean post). Everything that I said in that post about wheat jeans there I will say applies to white jeans as well. Basically west coast ivy roots. Think madras, surfing, and the Beach Boys.

White jeans with madras So there it is. I did it. No strong opinions. I did find the wheat denim easier to wear than the white. I also found that tucked-in worked a lot better than untucked which I do a lot when I am off duty. Oh and with the white jeans I liked blue gingham and madras. I didn’t get much feedback on either, but I think that people liked seeing in something outside of chinos.

oxford cloth button down
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6 Comments on "OCBD Wears Denim"

  1. Lennart says:

    Looks great,on you Jerrod. I have both wheat and blue myself and I like them a lot. Works out very well in casual settings.

  2. Jon DiBenedetto says:

    Those look good!

  3. Matt says:

    Now all you need is a Pendleton Board Shirt and really pull off the West Coast trad look. I’ve added several board shirts to my rotation and wear in them in place of a casual knit blazer.

  4. Tom Friedman says:

    I’ve been wearing Levi’s 514 wheat jeans for a couple years now, very pleased with them.

  5. Farrago says:

    Not only do they look good, but those in Wheat are as versatile as khakis. Not as dressy, perhaps, but you will find that they work well with an ocbd and a Shetland sweater as the season turns cooler.

  6. Pat says:

    In case you want to dive in to 5 pocket living, you might try moleskin. Lands End has only
    Navy on sale and when isn’t there one at Lands End, they can be yours for 20 ish dollars.
    Samuel Windsor is another company with affordable ones in more colors. These aren’t
    the heavyweight RM Williams or Orvis ones but they are very comfortable. Think of them
    as trainer moleskins. If you like them they go all in to the $$$$ ones. They are my
    weekend wear from the time the leaves start turning colors until they appear again in the

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