All The Sweaters

I took stock of my sweaters this week. I also took a pictures because I knew a few people that might be interested in seeing them. There are plain Shetland sweaters, brushed Shetland sweaters, lambswool sweaters, and more sweaters.

If I were to pick my favorite sweater out of the bunch it would be the fisherman sweater that my sister knit for me.  After that it is a toss up between the Salmon Spirit of Shetland sweater or the Brooks Brothers Clipper blue Shetland. I also really like pink brushed sweater from Ralph Lauren. It is a lambswool/Cashmere blend and it does not disappoint.

If I have learned anything from all of these sweaters it is this. Mid-grey sweaters are the most useful. Saddle shoulders are the best. You can never go wrong with a Shetland sweater. Enjoy the pics!

Shetland Sweaters

Brooks Brothers Clipper Blue ShetlandBrooks Brothers Clipper Blue ShetlandSpirit of Shetland Salmon ShetlandSpirit of Shetland Salmon SweaterBrooks Brothers Pumice ShetlandBrooks Brothers Tan ShetlandO’Connell’s Charcoal Shetland
Oconnells Dark Grey Shetland SweaterO’Connell’s Green Moss Shetland
Oconnells Olive Shetland Sweater

Brushed Shetland Sweaters & Brushed Sweaters

J.Press Shaggy Dog Sweater
J.Press Shaggy Dog Sweater Blue/GreenHarley of Scotland Heathland Brushed ShetlandBrown Brushed Shetland SweaterHarley of Scotland Winter White Brushed ShetlandHarley of Scotland White SweaterRalph Lauren Rugby Burgundy Brushed Shetland

Rugby brushed Shetland

Ralph Lauren Rugby Forest Green Brushed Shetland

Rugby Green Shetland SweaterRalph Lauren Pink Lambwool/Cashmere Brushed Sweater
Pink Ralph Lauren SweaterRalph Lauren Grey Lambswool/Cashmere Sweater
Ralph Lauren Grey Brushed Sweater

Shawl Collar Sweaters

J.Crew Navy Shawl Collar Lambswool Sweater
J.Crew Navy Wool Shawl Collar SweaterJ.Crew Tan Lambswool Shawl Collar Sweater
J.Crew Lamsbswool Shawl Collar Sweater

The rest of them

Wool Fisherman Sweater knit by my sister
IMG_1604Brooks Brothers Outlet Brand Wool Navy/Burgundy Birdseye SweaterIMG_1603Bosie Navy/Grey Birdseye Shetland Sweater
IMG_1600J.Crew Mid-Grey Lambswool SweaterIMG_1608Bosie Patterned Shetland Sweater in Charcoal/Light Grey IMG_1597

oxford cloth button down
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27 Comments on "All The Sweaters"

  1. ChildDoc says:

    I share your endorsement of sweaters made in Scotland, especially those made of Shetland wool and with saddle shoulders. I also agree that sweaters in a mid gray are perhaps most versatile and (the no longer available) Ralph Lauren sweater made in Scotland of a wool/cashmere blend is exceptionally soft and wonderful–it also is knit in the round (with no seams). This is a wonderful time of year–when tweed jackets, corduroy pants, and Shetland sweaters all come out. Life is good!

  2. dianec says:

    Over a lifetime I have assembled a number of wool sweaters. Starting at the Edinburgh Woollen Mill, via stores like Lakeland or Pithlochry in Edinburgh (long since defunct) and Barbour. As temps are set to fall this week in the UK I am airing two Barbour sweaters today in preparation for the coming cold snap. Your selection reflects timeless and classic choices. Sadly most people seem to use fleeces for cold weather which I don’t feel are anywhere near as warm or as good to look at.

  3. They are all lovely items, but if I had to pick a favorite, it too would be the salmon and/or blue at the very top. In any case, here’s to a late fall and winter chilly enough in your area of the world to wear and enjoy all of them.

    Best Regards,


  4. Tim says:

    I disagree with you on color for “trad” dressers. Plain grays are so dull and lifeless when you have richer darks and pastels. The only exception I make is light gray, so light it’s almost white or beige. Replace your shades of gray with the corresponding shades of blue (e.g. charcoal -> navy, and so forth). I think your wardrobe will thank you. For a “trad” deep navy is black, it’s as formal as charcoal and yet more colorful.

  5. Andrew says:

    Since I’m not lucky enough to have a sister that would make me such a beautiful sweater, my favorites are #1) Brooks Clipper Blue
    #2) O’Connell’s Green Moss

    What are your thoughts on/experiences with sweaters in Cotton, Merino Wool, and Cashmere?

  6. Xander says:

    I have 2 or 3 of the Ralph Lauren wool and cashmere sweaters you have that I bought a couple of years ago. I love the colors, the only problem I have is that the collars seem to stretch / expand too much after wearing and I don’t particulary like the way it looks. My favorite shetlands are from O’Connells’s! and they have the best color selection by far!

  7. HerrDavid says:

    How does the sizing on those (very handsome) Harley brushed shetlands compare with Shaggy Dogs and OC shetlands in your view, OCBD?

  8. oxford cloth button down says:

    HerrDavid – I would say that they run true to size. I find the Shaggy Dog to run very very large. If the Harleys were OCs I would say that they fit like a 39?

  9. HerrDavid says:

    Thanks, OCBD — very helpful! A fit like an OC 39 sounds just about perfect.

  10. oxford cloth button down says:

    Andrew – I have had mixed look with non-Shetland sweaters and most of it comes down to gauge or thickness. The trick is that the sweater needs to be thick enough so that every detail of the shirt like the pocket create an outline. That’s my take at least. I have had better luck with cotton than merino.

  11. Jon V DiBenedetto says:

    How do you like the Spirit of Shetland? I believe they are hand knit?

  12. oxford cloth button down says:

    Jon – I really like it. I am not sure if it is all hand knit or not. It was a gift. I wish they were still around.

    • Jon V DiBenedetto says:

      Thank’s Jerrod! I didn’t realize they were closed. A shame! Enjoy yours~ I’m pretty sure their site used to say hand knit for at least some of their sweaters.

  13. oxford cloth button down says:

    HerrDavid – You are welcome! Also I meant a small Harley=39 OCs.

    • HerrDavid says:

      That’s what I took you to mean. Hence my excitement, since, like you, I sort of fall between sizes with O’Connell’s — 40 is a little too big; 38 a little too small. I know you know how that goes!
      Anyway, I look forward to giving one of those brushed Harley’s a try (especially with OC’s shetlands now up to $175).

  14. Carter says:

    Great collection! You praise the PoloRL brushed lambswool-cashmere crewneck. Made in Scotland? I wonder

  15. Carter says:

    …who made it for PoloRL. (Harley perhaps?)

  16. oxford cloth button down says:

    Carter – That would be my educated guess based on owning a few Harley’s as the construction is very similar.

  17. Woofboxer says:

    All good usable colours I reckon.

    I like posts like these, I show them to my wife when she says I have too many sweaters!

  18. Carter says:

    Again, a great collection!

  19. Carter says:

    What’s the PoloRL brushed crewneck blend? What % is cashmere? Lambswool?

  20. Paul Winston says:

    When we had our shop ( Chipp ) there was a wall of sweaters. Shetlands by “Deans of Scotland” were our #1 seller . Although Mr. Deans had lived in the USA for many years, he still had his Scottish accent. What always amused me was the label – ” Deans of Scotland” BIG letters. Below the Deans of Scotland in small almost unreadable letters- ” Made in Hong Kong”
    Paul Winston

  21. Trevor Jones says:

    Living in London for the semester which means I’ve been frequenting John Simons, Drakes and some of the better vintage shops. Just picked up a JS shetland made seamlessly which is an amazing detail, I’ve never seen a sweater made that way and I love it. That being said, I still favor my cashmere v neck sweaters. A little more comfortable and, as someone who likes to add color, they come in the full range. It’s especially nice to find them at the BB outlets when they’re marked down from their typical $300-400 to $98!

  22. Billax says:

    What a nifty collection of sweaters! I, too, am taken with the sweater your Sister knitted for you. Thanks for such a pleasant – and diverse – overview of the topic.


  23. oxford cloth button down says:

    Carter – It is 89% Wool and 11% Cashmere.

    Billax – Good to hear from you.Thank you!

  24. Federico says:

    Hi Jerrod

    is the j press shaggy dog seamless or has seams on the side and in the arms?

  25. oxford cloth button down says:

    Federico – Hi. It does have seams.

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