Ivy Art by Wes Robinson

If you know me you know that I love a good menswear illustration. That’s why I am excited to showcase some of Wes Robinson’s super cool art. He does a lot of Trad/Ivy/Preppy/Americana inspired illustrations that I really dig. What I like about them the most is that they seem to seamlessly blend clothes with art. I have included a few of his images below, but head over to his Instagram (see here) to see more.

oxford cloth button down
Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

2 Comments on "Ivy Art by Wes Robinson"

  1. Cynic Diogenes says:

    Why did I read the header as Wes Anderson?

  2. Steve L. says:

    I like the idea of “surf-ivy.” Never heard that term before.

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