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I took the plunge and ordered a pair of camp mocs. I purchased a pair of Eastland camp mocs which weren’t mentioned in my post, but they were on my radar. Luckily for me someone mentioned them to me on ‘Gram and I doubled back.

Sperry Camp Moc
Sperry Mocs I am replacing

I can’t offer much of a review at this point because they don’t fit. In my opinion they don’t fit because I did not order my size. I ordered a half size up because so many reviewers on Amazon stated how small they fit. Now I am not sure if these reviewers have worn non-athletic shoes before or what, but these mocs feel very true to size to me.

Now I know I am not alone in being a review reader. I am not just talking about Amazon reviews, but also searching forum after forum for sizing help. Believe me, I completely understand wanting to get it right the first time. Returns are the worst. I may have decided on a new approach today. Just buy my normal size and go from there. The reason why is that trying to determine my size often results in inaction and when I do take action it only works out half of the time anyways. Thanks for letting me vent.

Overall I am happy with the shape and color (bomber brown) of the shoe. Especially for $100. I was overly concerned about the heel on this moc. I wanted a true camp moc sole which has no heel, but the heel here is not as pronounced as I had feared. The construction feels Sperry or Weejun-ish. So not great, but a nice light semi-disposable moc. A negative to some, but a positive to me. Oh, and despite this post don’t ever ever hesitate to ask me for sizing help!!!

oxford cloth button down
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  1. JJ says:

    Hey there. Just curious, why do you favor lower quality shoes over something like AE that can often be found for a modestly higher price? In the trad spirit, the AE’s (if bought at the right time) are probably the better value in terms of lifespan, comfort, better look with age….You seem to buy quality shirts, ties, jackets, etc; just curious your thoughts on shoes.

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      Great question. It has to with my feet. I have a high-instep which makes heavier aka nicer shoes make the top of my feet sore. Also if a shoe is too rigid it will cause me pain in my arch. This is why I prefer light flexible shoes and almost exclusively slip on for the same high-instep reason. I also have a narrow heel which is just another additional challenge. So there you go!

      • Tim says:

        I’m going to say something not popular with frugal New Englanders: custom shoemaker (as in, bespoke). Foot health and comfort are too important to skimp on. Absolutely, bespoke shoes are a huge upfront investment. But one doesn’t need that many pairs of shoes for the rest of his life.

        If I could restart my life as a 25 year old (I’m much closer to retirement age BTW), I would pay 4 months of rent to as much as a new car for a quality shoe wardrobe that lasts me a good part of my life.

  2. Jon DiBenenedetto says:

    Great advice about sizing! I used to drive myself crazy evaluating on line sizing comments: fits big, fits small, too wide, to narrow. I finally started ignoring them when someone said a shirt fit really loose when the medium was almost skin tight on me ( I have a 40 chest and take 32 jeans). I’m like you L I just order my normal size and take it from there. On the rare occasion it’s made in Japan I usually go up a size. I hate the return process also .

  3. Watts says:

    I can certainly relate to this post. Online reviews can be a double edged sword, sometimes providing valuable insight, other times leading to analysis paralysis.

    I hope you follow up on this post with more feedback after you receive a pair that fits, I’ve been eyeing these and the Falmouth blucher mocs but have not yet committed to purchasing. I have a pair of the LLB Signature Camp Mocs but am not 100% satisfied with them. The leather is very squeaky and a touch plastic-y feeling.


  4. Pat says:

    Bought a pair of eastlands a couple years back. the leather was tough as iron although it loosed a touch. the toe was squarish which I didn’t like, and ended up replacing them with some RL rancourts I scored on the bay

  5. Cynic Diogenes says:

    This is not related to topic but I take my chances anyway. What is up with all the spandex shirts and trousers in the latest Lands End catalogue? And, color me surprised when I found a pair of Drakes of London chinos with elastane!

  6. Eric Bausman says:

    I thank you for trying out the Eastland Yarmouth.
    I am a fan of the Eastland brand and it’s history from Brooklyn to Maine.
    I have found that, in every instance, Eastland products run “true to size”.
    Your foot shape sounds similar to mine and I find that Eastland is quite cognizant
    of Anglo feet such as ours.
    I suggest that you try the Seneca camp moc and lace only the lower three pairs
    of eyelets. Supreme comfort and ease can be found here!
    In addition, the Eastland Falmouth is a superb shoe, and I suggest the same
    lacing approach as with the Seneca.

  7. Cynic Diogenes says:

    Hey, I can appreciate the workmanship of Quoddy and Rancourt, but I know that LL Bean Boat Moc size 12 2E fit my deformed hoofs.

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