The Best Madras of 2019

This is a simple post. I wanted to find out who has the best madras shirts in 2019. Best madras is very subjective. I myself like a really good muddy madras so that’s what I am focusing on. It is also about the fabric, but the internet makes that part a little harder. Here we go.

What is a muddy madras you ask? I am talking about earth-tone madras typically a variety browns and greens with red, yellow, or orange highlights. These madras may seem a little conservative when compared with their bright pink or pastel brothers but don’t overlook them. They are easy to wear (especially good in hot autumn weather) and easy to look at while still offering up some really wonderful patterns. If you find madras hard to wear these shirts are your friend.

I found three places with a good muddy madras. No surprises here either with the three being J.Press, John Simons, and O’Connells. They are in the $100 and up market, but this really shouldn’t shock any of us at this point. They all do look nice though. All three stores also have a lot of other nice madras shirts.

John Simons Madras
John Simons Madras
J.Press Popover Madras
J.Press Madras
O”Connells Madras
oxford cloth button down
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8 Comments on "The Best Madras of 2019"

  1. Jon says:

    Those all look nice. I have to check out the SImons one’s. I know the store but have never ordered.

  2. woofboxer says:

    Three great shirt sources so any comment is going to be nit-picking really. I’ve got a couple from J Press and I’m very pleased with the way they wash and wear, the collars are slightly on the small side but that’s not too much of an issue for me with a short sleeve sports shirt, plus to be fair I haven’t seen their newest stock. John Simons .. well I’m biased of course, but the Madras shirt is one of their star products and the collar is spot on, they also have the flap pocket, I own one that is exactly the same pattern as the O’Connell’s shirt in the bottom picture. As for O’Connell’s, I can’t really say but I would be surprised if they are less than excellent.

  3. Charlottesville says:

    Nice post, Jerrod. Most, or maybe all, of my madras shirts came from J. Press and they are the perfect hot weather weekend shirts for me. And I would love to have a sport coat in that blue and brown plaid in the bottom photo above. The popover at the very top is nice too.

  4. Cameron says:

    I have a John Simons popover I really like. I had make a popover that looks very similar to your first picture (above the text). I have been eyeing the J. Press madras since it is on sale right now. Have you heard anything about “TheRealMadras” on Etsy? Aleck Grishkevich has been pursuing a bleeding madras and appears to be selling the shirts now. He talked about it in this thread:

  5. Sean says:

    I’m fortunate in that O’Connell’s is local to me. I purchased a short-sleeved madras shirt from them last year that I love. It is, however, a bit more bold than those pictured in your post.

    I am curious to learn your thoughts on short-sleeved vs long-sleeved madras shirts. Are there any generally-accepted suggestions in this regard? It would seem likely that a short-sleeved shirt would be cooler on a very hot day [and the long sleeved-shirt better on cooler days]. However, I can also see the long-sleeve shirt providing additional sun protection on a very hot day. Is a long-sleeved madras shirt a bit more “formal” than short-sleeved — not that a madras shirt is in any way formal.

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      You nailed my thoughts on the short sleeve vs long sleeve dilemma. The only other factor that I would add in is that I like to a wear a madras on casual Friday, but my office temps do not agree with short sleeves.

  6. Andrew Friedman says:

    My madras shorts are from j crew, patchwork, 30 years old. Awesome. Proper cloth has several flavors of madras fabric. Haven’t tried it but have had great experience.with their Oxford cloth fabrics and build quality.

  7. Bill says:


    Sorry to hear you are retiring blog, have always enjoyed the content! Wanted to mention that although this isn’t a madras shirt, it is a really nice ss seersucker popover from LL Bean Signature that I wanted to add to your list of madras options for the summer.

    Good luck!

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