Quarantine Casual

I have been wfh for about 4 weeks now. Working from home has always been something that I have loathed and I still do to this day. However, I am happy and fortunate to still be working. I am still getting dressed. It just doesn’t happen until after lunch. This is what my quarantine casual looks like.

There are a few upsides to quarantine casual. You can experiment because no one will see you (aka me in denim). You can wear shorts or madras since there are no seasons in your house as I did. I haven’t yet, but you can even throw that tie on. There are plenty of downsides but we are all too familiar with them so I will let them be. Stay safe, stay healthy, and get dressed if you feel like it.

John Simons Madras Popover
oxford cloth button down
Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

11 Comments on "Quarantine Casual"

  1. Ervin says:


    great outfits.
    that cream colored sweater (pic #8) – where is it from?


  2. Old School says:

    Pleased to learn that all is well.
    Take care.

  3. Joe says:

    I’m right there with you. Thankfully still working and healthy, but hating working from home.

    Where are the chinos from in pics #3 and #12?

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      Hang in there Joe. They are my standard Jcrew 1040 chinos I have been wearing for the last 2-3 years. These are all cotton which they aren’t offering at the moment. They only have polyester stretch versions.

      My chinos look a little different in these pics because they have not been ironed.

  4. JDV says:

    Good to see you back, Jerrod. Was concerned you’d been down with the virus. See the piece in the WSJ on Friday about how folks will find it hard when they have to go back to work to start wearing JEANS again. Jeepers. Now even jeans are not casual enough as we bow to the altar of comfort. At any rate, glad you are back.

  5. Thomas E. Friedman says:

    Any time you’re ready to give your summer pronouncement on where to find madras popover shirts like the one you’re wearing – I’m up for it.

  6. dianec says:

    4th or 5th week of WFH. I have totally lost track of time and thought Saturday was Sunday. In the first week it was my varsity sweats and then as it has warmed up its varsity tshirts and shorts… We have had such lovely weather in the UK for the past month, blue skies, warmer than usual I think. Day one of lockdown I was lost – then I got the swing of long term WFH and now I wish I could do it more permanently…..the quiet of my home with the park 10 minutes away v a noisy office with open plan styling!

  7. Glad to see you are well. Some good looking ensembles you arer sporing in these photographs. The imagined shine of working from home has quickly tarnished for me. I miss the routine of rising early, dressing presentably for, and actually being AT work for a large part of Monday through Friday. Cooler weather weekend and holiday wear (corduroy jeans, rugby shirts, or long-sleeved plaid flannel shirts (tucked in), with suede camp mocs) continues to be the daily attire here. Somehow (and very sadly) my suits and neckties just don’t work well when it comes to wading through domestic/family stuff while we are all cooped up together. Stay healthy.

    Best Regards,


  8. Kurt D. Hollomon says:

    I’m so glad you are back Jerrod. I appreciate your point of view.

  9. andrew friedman says:

    I have worked from home for nearly six weeks. With very few exceptions, I’m wearing trousers and a button down shirt, same as I would to the office. The primary accommodations to work from home are that I’m not wearing dress trousers that need to be dry cleaned, and I wear sandals or low hiking shoes or running shoes most of the time. I spend a lot of time with meetings on zoom and skype, though, including taking remote testimony, so i have worn a suit or jacket/tie roughly half a dozen times. for whatever reason, when i have to wear a suit, it’s hard for me to wear that with anything but dress shoes and belts.

    i’m not a popover person, but Hugh and Crye has a fairly broad variety of madras popovers.

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