The Brooks Brothers We Need

A few weeks ago I was singing praises for J.Press for keeping American Trad style alive. I will admit that I was throwing a little bit of shade at Brooks Brothers in the process. It’s wasn’t because of what they become, but rather who they’ve become to us here in the USA. I say it all the time, but the last time that I wrote about it was 10 years ago (here’s that post). I just checked and it’s still true. The Brooks Brothers that we want and need is Brooks Brothers japan.

Do yourself a favor and checkout the Brooks Brothers Japan website. I will help you out with a link, Brooks Brothers Japan. If you’re using Chrome browser just use the translate feature (I’m sure other browsers have translate) to make navigating the site easier. Now that you are there go to the sport coat section.

Now this is the Brooks Brothers we need. Notice all the 3/2 rolls. It’s like a trip down memory lane. A couple pieces stood out to me. One, is the corduroy sport coat. The other is the linen herringbone sport coat. The shape on these is just so nice. They remind me of the illustrations that Brooks once used in their old catalogs. These pieces aren’t the only good ones either. There is also a nice pincord, camel hair, and so, so many 3/2 blazers.

3/2 Corduroy Sport Coat
3/2 Herringbone Linen Jacket

It’s not all good at Brooks Brothers Japan. Yes, I did see quite a few darts, alpha sized jackets, and even a few suit pants with drawstrings. Brooks Brothers Japan’s dress shirt selection is as non-iron and stretch infested as America’s. However, here in the US it feels like the “not all good” is almost all we get. They do throw us a bone here and there to remind us of who they were, but it’s really more a reminder of who they aren’t now.

The Brooks Brothers that we knew and loved is still alive and well in Japan. While J.Press would disagree (I know, I know, they are much smaller), Brooks Brothers has decided that trad style is no longer marketable here. This is what stings. It’s not that they can’t make natural shouldered sack jackets. It’s not even that they’ve moved on from that style. What they have done is simply decided that it’s not for us. Off to find a proxy…

oxford cloth button down
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5 Comments on "The Brooks Brothers We Need"

  1. Garland Vester says:

    Cannot agree more. Let’s hope the brooks brothers’ gods hear our prayers.

  2. Floridatrad says:

    I don’t understand why they can’t return to their roots. They already went bankrupt, they obviously need to change plans. Why don’t they go back to their roots, shrink if needed, but return to being a viable company?

  3. Hardbopper says:

    It’s not about being a viable company. It’s not about style or even fashion. It’s about erasing the memory of what was once a viable culture.

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